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This Country Serves As A Terrifying Warning Of What’s Coming To America

This Country Serves As A Terrifying Warning Of What’s Coming To America


America is going in a frightening direction.

The 2020 election could determine if the United States will continue to exist.

And one country serves as a stark warning of what could be coming to America.

During the last State of the Union address, Donald Trump said, “America will never be a socialist country.”

Let’s pray he’s right, because the socialist left is on the rise.

A recent poll showed that only 18% of Americans view socialism favorably, but that’s only when they’re told what it is, i.e. public ownership of the means of production.

However, liberals are making an unrelenting push to redefine socialism as simply being kind and sharing with others.

That is a disgusting lie which was exposed by the entirety of the 20th century.

Socialism killed over 100 million people worldwide during peacetime.

And socialism is currently rotting another country, Venezuela.

The oil-rich country is a survivalist’s nightmare and serves as a vivid reminder of why prepping is so important.

All it takes is one bad election to put all of your rights in jeopardy.

For years, members of the left championed now-deceased socialist president Hugo Chávez.

He was glorified by people like Bernie Sanders, several Hollywood stars including Sean Penn, and far-left liberal icon Noam Chomsky.

Chávez even held up one of Chomsky’s books that inspired him.

Years later, the left has gone almost completely silent on Venezuela, once the richest country in South America.

When they do talk about Venezuela, they find creative ways not to blame socialism.

Instead, they blame the fluctuation of oil prices, government mismanagement, capitalists fleeing the country with their capital, and even U.S. sanctions.

All of these excuses are exactly why socialism is terrible.

It’s idiotic to have a top-down economy that’s reliant on one commodity, and mismanagement is baked into the cake of socialism.

It’s inevitable because bureaucrats will never have the collective wisdom of the free market.

And of course, people with money are going to flee the country because they don’t want corrupt politicians seizing their property.

A pro-Chavez documentary showed him traveling around and expropriating businesses on a whim.

That’s both immoral and terrible for business, which is needed for revenue.

And U.S. sanctions were aimed at corrupt officials within the government.

Socialism always has rich fat cats at the top who extract all the wealth.

Hugo Chávez’s 38-year-old daughter is allegedly worth $4 billion.

Meanwhile, citizens are starving to death and some have resorted to eating zoo animals.

Perhaps the most terrifying aspect of this is while American leftists run sideways from Venezuela, they’re also advocating for the exact same policies that ruined the country.

All of the prominent Democrats running for President in 2020 have embraced socialistic policies such as wealth taxes, price controls, state-run media, and “free” health care.

They’ve even pushed the communist fever dream known as the Green New Deal, which openly calls for an entire takeover of the U.S. economy.

If Democrats get their way, we could be one step closer to the nightmarish reality of Venezuela.

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