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One Country Could Be Preparing for a Dangerous Conflict

One Country Could Be Preparing for a Dangerous Conflict


The Wuhan virus has dominated the imagination and resource capabilities of countries around the globe.

However, that doesn’t mean pre-coronavirus concerns all melted away.

And one country could be preparing for a dangerous conflict.

The entire world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic that originated in Wuhan, China.

But China is still set on becoming the top global superpower.

For that reason, they’ve exploited the Wuhan virus to their advantage in troubling ways.

The Communist Party of China (CCP) lied about the nature of the virus, both in how it’s transmitted and how lethal it is, which allowed the pandemic to spread all over the globe.

The CCP then initiated a propaganda campaign that included blaming the U.S. military for unleashing the virus in Wuhan.

Through their control of the World Health Organization, they pushed the narrative that it’s “racist” to refer to the outbreak as the Wuhan virus or Wuhan coronavirus or Wuhan flu, even though people in China called it those names because COVID-19 does not translate in Mandarin.

The CCP profiteered off the pandemic by selling faulty equipment to other countries and hoarding necessary items set for delivery outside of China.

And now China allegedly is engaging in nuclear weapons tests.

According to a Wall Street Journal report that quoted a State Department official, “The concerns stem from the high tempo of activity at China’s Lop Nur test site, extensive excavations at the site, and Beijing’s purported use of special chambers to contain explosions.”

The 1996 Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) prohibits countries from engaging in tests that cause explosions with nuclear reactions.

The treaty was never officially ratified, but countries operated on the honor system.

But if the reports are true, China could be abandoning the handshake agreement.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the CCP cannot be trusted to be honest brokers on the world stage.

They initially lied about the SARS outbreak in 2003 and tried to cover up a deadly train crash in 2011 that killed dozens of people.

The CCP’s main goal is control over its population and the spread of its influence around the world.

China responded to the report of the nuclear test with the following statement:

“China has always adopted a responsible attitude, earnestly fulfilling the international obligations and promises it has assumed…The US criticism of China is entirely groundless, without foundation, and not worth refuting.”

Zhao Lijian, the Foreign Ministry spokesman who made that statement, is the same man who blamed the U.S. military for spreading the coronavirus in Wuhan.

Hopefully, the coronavirus has shown people that China is an authoritarian country that cannot be trusted with sensitive supply chains.

This doesn’t even touch on the number of Chinese spies that have been caught in the government and American universities.

China is interested not in globalism, but global hegemony.

An anonymous senior U.S. official relayed to The Guardian that “The pace and manner by which the Chinese government is modernizing its stockpile is worrying, destabilizing, and illustrates why China should be brought into the global arms control framework.”

More people need to start taking China seriously.

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