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Could This Lead To The Feds Admitting To 9/11?

Could This Lead To The Feds Admitting To 9/11?

Americans, in general, agree that that the 09/11 attacks were some of the most horrifying things that have happened in recent history in America. And most Americans think that the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 are settled in terms of being clear who committed these horrible acts.

But there are some Americans who never bought the party line about who was actually responsible. Many Americans write those people off as conspiracy theorists, but it looks like those people may be getting their day in court to get a court ruling about their views. Matt Agorist writes,

In what can be described as a monumental step forward in the relentless pursuit of 9/11 truth, a United States Attorney has agreed to comply with federal law requiring submission to a Special Grand Jury of evidence that explosives were used to bring down the World Trade Centers.

The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry successfully submitted a petition to the federal government demanding that the U.S. Attorney present to a Special Grand Jury extensive evidence of yet-to-be-prosecuted federal crimes relating to the destruction of three World Trade Center Towers on 9/11 (WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7).

After waiting months for the reply, the U.S. Attorney responded in a letter, noting that they will comply with the law.

“We have received and reviewed The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, Inc.’s submissions of April 10 and July 30, 2018. We will comply with the provisions of 18 U.S.C. § 3332 as they relate to your submissions,” U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman stated.

This letter from the U.S. Attorney was signed by Michael Ferrara and Ilan Graff, Chiefs, Terrorism and International Narcotics Unit.

Now, I don’t know your personal views about the 09/11 terrorist attacks, but just having this acknowledgement from a U.S. Attorney lends a lot of validity to their efforts to have the attacks investigated further.

Will they be able to get the official story changed? I have my doubts (government bureaucracies don’t like to change their minds for any reason), and, even if they do succeed, many Americans simply do not like the idea that their own government may have had a hand in killing innocent Americans (in spite of the facts of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment or Project MKUltra). That means that many Americans will refuse to believe that the U.S. government is even partially responsible for 09/11.

So, we’ll see what happens in this court case.

Tell us what you think: Who is behind the 09/11 attacks? Tell us below.

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  • Conspiracy theories like myths are often based in fact. I would pose the question, if the US government is able to trail aircraft from just about anywhere how is it they couldn’t find the commercial aircraft that had been hijacked? Especially as it pertains to Washington DC or New York. The excuses they feed us is for the protection of the federal government and nothing more. Just like it has done with Obama’s crap they coverit up. Folks our government is not made up of a bunch of innocent babes but rather, A bunch of people who care nothing for the Citizrhs but, only thier own power and monetary gain. Bush wanted to go to war and 9/11 was a perfect excuse and they knew we would support that after what happened that fateful day.

  • I have had little doubt from the beginning that the government (read Deep State) was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Too many things just did not add up; especially re: the “plane” which hit the Pentagon. How was it that no one actually saw a plane heading in that direction just prior to the hit? Nor were any pieces of a plane visible at the site!
    With the evidence we have of DOJ; FBI; and CIA collusion against a duly elected president, and their ties to two former administrations, how can we believe anything they tell us?
    And the dems wonder why so many people do not trust the government anymore!

  • This particular article amounts to exactly zip. If they think there is more to 9/11 they will need to do a whole lot better than this.

  • From all the things we have seen the Democrats pull on Trump without any evidence, merely because they hate him for losing an election to him, I believe there are elements in our society who are capable of committing such atrocities today. Even the FBI is suspicious today, along with other branches of government in high places, we would have never believed were suspect. Chuck

  • In my mind, this was all about money from the beginning. The Saudis were in this up to their armpits. Ultimately, this was the New World Order!

  • Bush was waiting for the call and did anyone see that he was reading upside book so, we know he was planning on this to happen.

  • I do know jet planes could not have taken out those towers. Video shows a column disappearing into DUST as it leaned over outside of the building.

    Unless the video was doctored that tells me something more sinister occurred. Still NO explanation of the key of it all.

    Building #7 falling flat for nothing. Was this some kind of GIANT insurance scam?

  • Don’t be surprised if the documents they release, are heavily redacted.

    The problem I have with the planted explosives theory is, what would have happened if one, or both, of the planes had failed to hit the towers? Would the explosives have still went off? Were they on timers, or were they remotely detonated? In either case, if they had gone off without the planes hitting, it would be obvious it wasn’t the terrorists in the planes that did it? And if they didn’t go off, would they have been found, eventually, along with evidence of who planted them? Would those behind the attacks, really taken that risk?

    And then, there’s the other two planes. The one that hit the Pentagon, and the one that crashed in PA? There’s no evidence explosives were involved with them. The planes were the weapons.

    I’m not a critic of conspiracy theories, or theorists. My philosophy is: If there were no conspiracies, there’d be no conspiracy theories, or theorists, or even a need for the word, conspiracy. But, conspiracies are very hard to prove, especially since it’s so easy to demonize conspiracy theorists, to discredit them.

  • From day 1 Ive had doubts, but all doubt was taken away when I actually went and studied the photos myself of the plane hitting the building. How on earth can a building or 2 buildings, go down so perfectly like that after being hit….at the top….on an angle. Just aint gonna happen no matter how they spin it. Plus the Pentagon pictures. One open book untouched on a ledge in the middle of a photo of totally a totally burnt and destroyed hole in the building. Plus no plane parts. I might think a plane actually hit their first buildings but there had to be demolition at the base evenly distributed for the affect that it all had. And the pentagon was staged to go along with the first 2 buildings. I dont trust government or any person after they get enough power….they become a tyrant and no one can stop them. They already studied all the laws or designed all the laws to protect themselves….and screw America.

  • I think you are a perfect example of people seeing what they want to see. No offense intended. I’ve done it myself. The twin towers were examples of the pancake effect. Once the top came down through the gaps left by the planes, the layers of the pancake just collapsed under it, in the direction of the inertia generated by the collapse. As for the book, Bibles and other books, have been found in the ruins of the recent California fires, where everything else was consumed. So, strange things, or miracles, can happen. The whole reason for the conspiracy theories, is increasing distrust of the government, but for the wrong reasons, which distracts us from the real reasons to distrust the government. The government IS becoming tyrannical, but not enough people are trying to stop it, because they are so involved with conspiracy theories.

  • Sure….and you are a perfect example of why I dont believe it. Sorry…no offense intended. But Ive already formed my opinion. I thank you for yours though, whether I agree or not.

  • From accrued evidence both verbal and video it is patently obvious that the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center was contrived by a cadre of very devious conspirators and experts in structures and controlled explosions have made specific comments as to how and when the dastardly deed occurred.
    Until it was brought to my attention by a colleague, that I, as an Aeronautical Engineer should at least have noticed the inconsistencies in the final reports pursuant to the actual speed of the aircraft that supposedly crashed into the Pentagon with hardly any evidence of human and aircraft debris remains: the supposed speed of the aircraft was well in excess of what could be expected of a standard airframe at sea level without it breaking up.
    There is too much evidence of nefarious activity to ignore the common sense approach to a common sense problem.
    The attack on the WTC was known well in advance of the actual day and much has been documented as to who and when certain individuals were informed and who did nothing to prevent the terrible outcome.

  • I find it hard to believe that our government would willingly murder several thousand of our citizens in one fell swoop. If we were talking about a handful, it would be more believable, but 3000? I’d have to see a LOT more evidence. JMO FWIW

  • Upon reading some significant experts on planes and demolition I agree that the US Govt no doubt was behind 911. The buildings easily imploded-hello! The no debris at the Pentagon and just so many obvious things people have pointed out. Just like Kennedy and our Gov’t involvement in his assassination so too in 911. Look how corrupt we are now finding out the Govt is and always has been! The New World Order and Deep State, and on and on and on. Yes absolutely our Govt. would NOT hesitate to kill 3000 or more if it fit into their agenda. The CIA especially has been up to no good as long as it has been in existence-all the secrets, no true oversight. JQPublic has been duped for so long yet so many people just “can’t believe the truth” as it hits them in the behind!

  • In the sports bar I go to, well over half the people Ive talked to about it think it was an inside job.

  • Government had only one thing to do with 9/11.
    Turned their heads, and looked away!

    The complete forensic evidence has now been quantified by many ‘scientists’ and analysts, and the TRUE evidence was shipped out to China, WITHOUT A CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION.


    OR, Are you still ‘living the dream’?

  • Perhaps you should look up and read the agenda re; the New World Order. One of which is a major population control, as in genocide. These people have no qualms about who or how many they kill to fulfill their agenda.

    One only needs read The Scriptures to see and know how reprobate mankind is becoming. It is all prophesied, and we are witnessing it happen in our lifetimes.

  • Being in the engineering and construction business for over 55 years, it’s obvious the buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. WTC I & II were engineered to take a hit from at least 2 Boeing 707’s or similar. WTC VII obviously was demolished by explosives. This had to be in place weeks or months prior to 9/11 and the only ones with access were the security and construction firms tied to the Israeli’s. Thermite particles found in the dust is another factor. Members of our military and politicians associated with PNAC, in control had to be part of the debacle.

  • MOSSAD was integral in the execution of Operation 911.

    It was Israelis (not Muslims) arrested in New York on September the eleventh 2001 with pre positioned cameras before the first plane hit the North Tower.

    It was Israelis (not Muslims) arrested in New York on September the eleventh 2001 driving a moving van full of explosives.

    It was Anthrax from an American lab that was used to prevent full inquiry into the events of 911 not Muslims sources!

  • The ‘pancake theory’ doesn’t explain what we all saw on the day.
    For instance if under your explanation a 30 story block “came down through the gaps left by the planes, the layers of the pancake just collapsed under it, in the direction of the inertia generated by the collapse” as it fell it would be getting crush from the bottom up. Therefore after crushing the floor below the bottom floor of the 30 story block would also be crushed reducing the 30 story block to 29 stories… then the 29 story block would crush the floor below and itself be crushed reducing to 28 stories… as it continued “the block” would be reduced by the sequential impacts and at some point would be reduced in mass insufficient to collapse the floor below. Therefore because to each action there is a equal and opposite reaction we should expect to see the North Tower reduced to no less than 80 stories and the South Tower reduced to no less than 55 stories!

  • Seismic evidence shows an explosion in the North Tower seconds before the plane hit and witnesses have confirmed explosions in the basement of the North Tower before the plane hit!
    Your of knowledge regarding the events of 911 sees very superficial.

    Do you have any engineering training? Or training in any of the sciences?

  • Cite that seismic evidence. No, I have not seen that evidence, and it doesn’t sound plausible. Are you an engineer, or do you have a science degree? I don’t have either, but I can still think for myself, and I am always open to new evidence, so, show me what you got! By the way, you didn’t answer even one of my questions?

  • Where’s the records of their arrest? Were they charged? Were they tried? Were they Jews, or Muslims? There are Muslims living in Israel. Can you cite your source for the Anthrax story?

  • Even if it’s true, what can anyone do about it? I believe there is more concrete evidence that Obama is an illegal alien, than the government was behind 9/11, and one of the cases with that evidence, went to the SC, which declined to hear it, without explanation! If the SC won’t deal with the Birther issue, why do you think anyone will do anything more about 9/11?

  • You are like a lot of 911 deniers, you know a very small amount of the facts and have a limited understanding of engineering and science.

  • Physics is tricky…
    If the falling section is said to crush the floor below it it will also crush the falling section, yes? If there is only 30 floors falling it will be reduced as it crushes the floors below… you following? So the falling section is getting reduced in mass as it goes… yes? At some point it won’t have enough mass to crush the section below it…

  • They were all arrested and released by Michael Chertoff
    Former United States Secretary of Homeland Security who is a dual citizen Israeli American.
    Them there is the famous “5 Dancing Israelis” but I’ll let you do your own research for them. They even admitted on Israel TV ‘they were there to document the event”

  • Oh yeah, thanks, you’ll “let” me do my own research, rather than back up YOUR claims! You no longer have an credibility with me. Bye Bye!

  • Yeah, yeah! You’re so much more enlightened than everyone else. You know what? You’ll never get anywhere with your crusade, even if it’s true! Because you, and your friends, don’t have enough clout to get anywhere!

  • Steel loses its structural strength well below its melting point. As a hobby farmer, I’ve straightened bent tines on my drag, essentially a big pull behind the tractor rake, just by heating them up until the metal just begins to glow.

  • You cannot defy factual science otherwise all the laws of physical mathematics would not apply to any tangible structure. my professional experience and qualifications are supported by known facts. perhaps you should read Susan Landauer’s book ‘Extreme Prejudice’ and then make an informed judgement.

  • I don’t know if what you are describing is based on physics, but I do know what I saw, and the results of what I saw, and the scientific method, is based on observation.

  • Is “getting crushed” the same as “by the collapse”? I think an avalanche is a better analogy for the physics behind the collapses of the towers. As an avalanche travels down a slope, it gains mass as it picks up debris, and gains speed, until it reaches a maximum velocity decreed by physics. Then friction takes over, and the mass slows, then, like water, is seeks the paths of least resistance, and spreads out, until it loses all it’s energy, and stops. In the case of the towers. the energy remained focused on the area of the succeeding floors, until it reached ground level, an unyielding obstacle.

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