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The Coronavirus Tore Through One Country For A Disturbing Reason

The Coronavirus Tore Through One Country For A Disturbing Reason

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The Wuhan coronavirus has become a catastrophic event around the globe.

Some areas have been hit incredibly hard by the rapidly spreading pandemic.

And the virus tore through one country for a disturbing reason.

The Wuhan coronavirus has been confirmed with over 400,000 patients and nearly 20,000 deaths.

One of the countries hit the hardest has been Italy, which is densely populated and has the second oldest population in the world.

Since the coronavirus disproportionately affects people over 65, particularly those with underlying health issues, Italy has seen a mortality rate approaching 10%.

The country’s socialized medical system has been completely overrun and medical professionals have begun rationing care to critical patients for unrelated illnesses.

As harrowing as the situation is, it’s made worse by the fact that it spread for a ridiculous reason.

Dr. Giorgio Palù, a professor of Virology and Microbiology at the University of Padova, told CNN that political correctness was one of the reasons the pandemic rampaged through the country.

Palù said in an interview, “There was a proposal to isolate people coming from the epicenter, coming from China…Then it became seen as racist, but they were people coming from the outbreak.”

This is nightmarish.

It’s not racist to point out the origin of a deadly pandemic that’s killing senior citizens at an alarming rate.

But this is the culture in which western countries find themselves because of decades of political correctness taught in schools.

Italian officials went even further.

In order to fight the “stigmatization” of Asians because of the coronavirus, a ridiculous proposition in and of itself, the mayor of Florence started a campaign to hug Chinese people on the street in order to “stem the hatred.”

This is preposterous on many scores.

First, it’s presumptuous at best to determine someone’s ancestral country of origin simply by looking at them.

Second, Chinese people, and Asians more broadly, are not responsible for the actions of the Communist Party of China that behaved badly in response to the coronavirus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) endorsed the move, but the head of the WHO has dubious ties to the Chinese government.

It was the WHO that “officially” named the coronavirus COVID-19 so as not to place blame on China for the outbreak.

Suddenly it became “racist” to call it the Wuhan coronavirus even though every major news outlet used the phrase for two months.

Some politicians and members of the media seem more concerned with policing the language around the coronavirus than actually stopping the spread of it.

These same politically correct people didn’t seem to have any problem with the Chinese government scurrilously claiming the U.S. military introduced the virus to China.

Society is rapidly approaching an Orwellian world where the truth is no longer allowed to be spoken.

If you’re not allowed to point out where a deadly pandemic originates as it ravages countries, then you can’t say anything at all.

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