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One Shocking Move Proves Coronavirus Quarantines Have Gone Too Far

One Shocking Move Proves Coronavirus Quarantines Have Gone Too Far

Coronavirus Quarantine

The Wuhan virus is putting a huge strain on the American people.

Citizens have largely complied with the states’ lockdown orders.

But one shocking move proves coronavirus quarantines have gone too far.

It’s been over six weeks and Americans are getting sick of the shelter in place orders.

Everyone understood it was important to stay home in order to make sure hospitals weren’t overwhelmed.

But now that the peak of the virus has come and gone, people are ready to get back to work and resume their lives.

However, petty tyrants in local jurisdictions around the world are harassing citizens.

Recently, a beach patrolman told a 93-year-old who was social distancing on the beach that he couldn’t sit in a chair because that act violated coronavirus orders.

Apparently, sitting on the beach is okay because it’s considered temporary, but sitting in a chair is considered “permanent,” thus a violation of the local coronavirus policy.

This is absurd.

Elderly people are at the highest risk of serious complications from the coronavirus, so they’re much more likely to behave responsibly on the beach or in public.

Lockdown orders have clearly gone too far and people’s constitutional rights are now being infringed upon.

Citizens will only put up with it for so long before their threshold vanishes.

The decision to remain locked down or reopen the economy has been politicized by politicians who seem eager to keep people cooped up for as long as possible.

Democrats and their allies in the so-called mainstream media have tried to turn the issue into a blue state/red state divide with blue state politicians acting in measured, statesmanlike fashion, and red state politicians recklessly trying to get their constituents killed.

This is an absurd dichotomy, and California proves it.

People in one of the bluest states in America are now flocking to the beach.

Newport Beach in Orange County saw 40,000 people show up because the beaches in Los Angeles and San Diego are largely locked down.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has mostly been praised for his office’s response to the pandemic, but public opinion will quickly change if draconian measures remain in place.

He’s already being sued for violating the First Amendment rights of Christians who’ve been barred from attending church services.

Meanwhile, big-box stores, weed dispensaries, and liquor stores remain open for business – but church services are not.

And Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti actually ordered bulldozers to dump sand in skateparks and walkways to ward off citizens.

It’s time for people to return to normalcy.

Despite the wishes of leftist politicians, people can’t—and won’t—sit at home and live off the government dole indefinitely.

And yet, Governor Newsom is talking about extending the lockdown orders into June.

With the sweltering heat of summer on the horizon, Newsom will have a full-blown insurrection on his hands if he doesn’t loosen restrictions.

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