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One Coronavirus Policy Could Be Causing a Health Concern

One Coronavirus Policy Could Be Causing a Health Concern

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Fallout from the Wuhan coronavirus continues to have ripple effects.

Governments are still trying to solve the problem of protecting vulnerable populations.

But one coronavirus policy could be causing a health concern.

There are over 6.4 million confirmed cases of the Wuhan virus around the globe, and 378,000 people have lost their lives as a result.

Many governments around the world shut down their economies, costing trillions of dollars.

However, the peak carnage of the virus appears to be in the rear-view mirror.

Americans were told they needed to stay home in order to “flatten the curve” and prevent the healthcare system from getting overwhelmed.

But some politicians are determined to keep the lockdowns going as long as possible.

And mounting evidence suggests that the prolonged lockdowns are worse than the coronavirus itself.

For example, there is now some evidence to suggest that excessively wearing a mask could be bad for your health.

Restricting your breathing with a mask for long periods of time can lead to carbon dioxide toxicity.

Recently, a driver crashed his SUV into a pole after feeling light-headed and passing out.

He said the light-headedness and dizziness was caused by wearing his N95 mask for too long.

Investigators initially concluded that the loss of consciousness was due to “insufficient oxygen intake/excessive carbon dioxide intake.”

While suffering from carbon dioxide toxicity would be highly unlikely while wearing a cloth covering, it can still lead to breathing discomfort, and the N95 mask could cause more serious problems.

Dr. Amesh Adalja at Johns Hopkins said, “Someone wearing an N95 mask for a prolonged period of time may have alterations in their blood chemistry that could lead to changes in level of consciousness if severe.”

People with underlying health conditions, such as breathing issues related to excessive smoking, could make matters worse by wearing masks too long.

The problem is that some jurisdictions have encouraged people to wear masks in moments when it’s not necessary, such as walking in the park with nobody around.

The policy is in contradiction to initial reports from the Centers for Disease Control, which told people that masks were unnecessary and ineffective.

Also, in the early stages of the American outbreak, the CDC cleared four potential coronavirus patients and released them from the hospital, then later discovered they’d tested positive.

Even authoritative health sources haven’t been solid on giving people the best information.

Dr. Deborah Birx, one of the leading health experts on the White House coronavirus task force, took the World Health Organization to task for giving false information about the spread of the virus.

Dr. Birx has also had to beat back nonsense from the corporate press, so the problem is on multiple fronts.

The latest evidence suggests that the lockdowns are doing more harm than good at this point, and it’s time to reopen the country so people can resume their normal activities.

That’s the only path to heal society.

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