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One Coronavirus Patient Has Triggered A Shocking Response

One Coronavirus Patient Has Triggered A Shocking Response

Coronavirus Kentucky

More cases of the Wuhan coronavirus continue to develop around the globe.

Health officials are scrambling to come up with a coherent plan of attack against the pandemic.

And one coronavirus patient triggered a shocking response.

The number of confirmed cases of the Wuhan coronavirus is rapidly reaching 200,000 with well over 8,000 deaths.

Italy, which has the second oldest population in the world and a densely packed population, is currently getting hammered by the pandemic.

The country’s socialized medicine system is overwhelmed – nearly 500 people died in one day as a result of the ongoing public health crisis.

And China has resorted to authoritarian measures to get the outbreak under control.

The Communist Party went as far as to weld people inside their homes to ensure quarantine protocols.

Nothing even close to that has happened in America, but one coronavirus patient has caused a huge stir.

In Kentucky, a patient diagnosed with the virus checked himself out of the hospital against the doctor’s orders.

Deputies had to follow him home to make sure he’s adhering to social distancing.

The move by local authorities shows just how serious the pandemic has become.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said, “We have had the first instance of a person who has refused to self-isolate, we have taken steps to force an isolation that will be in their home. It’s a step I hoped that I’d never have to take…But I can’t allow one person who we know has this virus to refuse to protect their neighbors.”

The move comes just as San Francisco and other cities have issued “shelter in place” orders, a soft form of lockdown.

Many public spaces such as restaurants, bars, and movie theaters are being shut down; restaurants can still serve takeout and delivery orders, but no dine-in customers.

Anyone other than police officers, firefighters, medical professionals, a few other essential personnel are to remain in their homes.

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The Kentucky case could be a sign of what’s to come, which could be a concerning proposition.

Nobody wants to see something resembling a police state where people aren’t allowed to leave their homes.

It’s best to engage in social distancing and follow the guidelines of health officials so the government won’t have to step in.

Be sure you’re prepared to sustain yourself in case a “shelter in place” order comes to your city.

The order in San Francisco is set to last for three weeks, so anything could happen between now and then.

Three weeks might seem like an eternity for some, but if you’ve been diligent about prepping, that shouldn’t cause too much disruption, especially with many foods and services essentially unaffected.3

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