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Coronavirus Hysteria Is Leading To One Deadly Outcome

Coronavirus Hysteria Is Leading To One Deadly Outcome


The Wuhan virus has dominated the attention of the entire globe.

Over 1 million people worldwide have died from COVID complications.

But coronavirus hysteria is leading to another deadly outcome.

Health experts around the world are concerned about hyper-focus on the coronavirus.

While the pandemic has been front and center with the so-called mainstream media whipping everyone into a frenzy, there are other health considerations being ignored.

Deaths of despair are skyrocketing and doctors believe the isolation from lockdowns are causing a public mental health crisis that could be permanent.

Physicians fear downstream deaths from cancer due to a lack of vigilant screening and are very concerned about the rise of tuberculosis deaths as well.

From The Guardian:

“Scientists have warned that several hundred thousand extra deaths from tuberculosis are likely to occur this year as a result of Covid-19’s effect on global health services. In many countries – including South Africa, India and Indonesia – doctors and health workers have been shifted from tracking TB cases to tracing people infected with Covid-19. Equipment and budgets have also been reassigned, an investigation by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has revealed.”

“TB is the world’s leading cause of death from infectious disease, topping both HIV and malaria. It is contagious and is caused by a bacterium known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which commonly attacks the lungs but can affect any part of the body, from the bloodstream to the brain.”

While COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus, tuberculosis is the most deadly infectious disease by the numbers.

Health experts continue to debate the lethality of COVID-19; the survival rate is approximately 99.8% or higher – especially for people not elderly or immuno-compromised.

There has also been some dubious reporting in regard to COVID-19 deaths.

Several jurisdictions revised their death rates after antibody testing revealed that community spread was greater than imagined, and people dying of COVID and with COVID were being conflated.

For example, someone who had the virus but was killed in a car accident was listed as a COVID death.

Meanwhile, the severity of tuberculosis is clear. If untreated, the death rate for TB can be as high as 66%.

More from The Guardian:

“In modern times TB has become a global scourge and it is believed that about 10 million people are infected with the disease each year, while about 1.5 million people die from it. The WHO says the planet is now in the grip of global TB epidemic, which it has pledged to defeat by 2030.”

The corporate press is obsessed with COVID-19, but there are other serious health considerations that are being neglected.

Meanwhile, countries are already locking down their economies again in response to an uptick in COVID cases.

But the economic damage is also causing death around the world due to a lack of resources.

When the American economy gears down, the entire world feels the impact.

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