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Coronavirus Hysteria Is About to Cause One Dangerous Conflict

Coronavirus Hysteria Is About to Cause One Dangerous Conflict


The Wuhan virus has created serious problems around the country.

One of those problems is the rise of civil unrest.

And the coronavirus is about to cause one dangerous conflict.

The United States is two months into the unprecedented shutdown of the economy, and tensions are on the rise.

Nearly 40 million people have lost their jobs, and thousands of small businesses are gone forever.

Worse yet, some pro-lockdown politicians and networks seem to have a vested interest in keeping the shutdown going for as long as possible.

The people who want the lockdowns to stay in place continually ignore all of the good news about the virus—such as the data that suggests it’s far less deadly than initially thought—and accentuate the doom and gloom projections.

This has only led to an increase in frustration and paranoia.

Protesters in favor of opening up the economy have been met with scorn and derision from politicians, big media, and even Hollywood elites who can afford to stay locked down forever.

These people have been written off as yokels who simply want haircuts.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio even encouraged his citizens to snitch on one another.

The division and rancor created by the lockdown proponents led to an ugly incident in de Blasio’s city where a woman in a grocery store was harassed by several customers for not wearing a mask.

Masked shoppers cursed at her until she finally scurried away.

This type of mob mentality could only get worse if the lockdowns persist.

The hysterical reaction to the woman in the grocery store is quite stark considering the Centers for Disease Control told people only a few short months ago that masks were largely ineffective.

Masks can help mitigate the chances of spreading the virus to someone else, but a woman socially distancing in a grocery store without a mask doesn’t warrant a rabid mob.

Data show that the viral load on surfaces is minimal.

The bigger danger is prolonged close contact with someone who has the coronavirus.

But instead of people being told rational information, they’ve been sold fear and hostility.

Until politicians stop trying to scare people inside, the animosity can’t help but get worse.

It also doesn’t help that people are on edge because of the economic and social stress caused by the virus.

Mental health experts warn that deaths of despair will increase.

California has already reported a spike in suicides.

Pro-lockdown politicians like de Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo need to rein in the doomsday projections before their citizens explode.

America can’t take much more of the over-the-top lockdowns that are squeezing the life out of the country.

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