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One Country Made A Move That Has The Coronavirus Fear-Mongers Furious

One Country Made A Move That Has The Coronavirus Fear-Mongers Furious


The Wuhan virus has been a disaster of historic proportions.

The pro-lockdown hysteria from politicians and health experts has only made the problem worse.

And one country made a move that has the coronavirus fearmongers furious.

In America, Joe Biden is trying to win an election on the narrative that Donald Trump botched the coronavirus response.

However, Biden’s “plan” for battling COVID-19 consists of measures the Trump administration has already untaken and another round of harsh lockdowns.

Many countries in Europe have already resorted to that drastic measure even though multiple health experts, including the World Health Organization, have determined that lockdowns are a terrible way to combat the virus.

However, Sweden has taken a different tack than most countries of the world.

Sweden opted not to lock down and instead focused on achieving herd immunity.

The result has been that Sweden didn’t experience the catastrophic death rates compared to the other countries in Europe –nor are they enduring a secondary spike in cases like the rest of the continent.

The countries that had some of the most stringent lockdown measures are doubling down on the drastic policies.

Also, countries that were praised for their handling of COVID-19 compared to the United States are seeing skyrocketing infection rates.

The truth is that COVID is a novel coronavirus and nobody knows precisely how it behaves.

The one consistency that seems to be emerging is that lockdowns are a terrible idea.

Not only are they ineffective in stopping the spread of the virus, but they are also ruinous to the economy.

The economic damage has downstream effects that also cost people’s lives.

Peru enacted some of the strictest lockdowns outside of China—a totalitarian communist regime that imprisoned virus whistleblowers and welded people inside their homes—and the South American country had the worst fatality rate.

Meanwhile, Sweden and their anti-lockdown approach has the country positioned nicely moving forward.

Unfortunately, the science of lockdowns is largely being ignored because opportunistic big-government politicians don’t want Americans to know the truth.

Any positive news about the virus is either downplayed or flat-out suppressed. Big tech literally won’t allow dissenting voices because they represent “misinformation.”

Essentially, the truth is whatever the anointed experts say at that exact moment while experts with the same or better credentials are silenced or ridiculed as crackpots.

The pro-lockdown contingent want people living in fear so they have an excuse to seize more power.

Lockdowns have been the so-called mainstream media’s most effective tool in undermining Trump’s economy and boosting Biden in the polls.

Americans did their part by sheltering in place to ensure the healthcare system did not become overwhelmed, but they are not up for another round of draconian lockdowns.

Even deep-blue cities like Los Angeles are done with the endless coronavirus fear-mongering.

People want their lives back.

Sweden has shown that lockdowns are a terrible idea.

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