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Cops Caught On Camera Bragging About Beating Up Innocent People

Cops Caught On Camera Bragging About Beating Up Innocent People

It’s sad to say, but police brutality is a reality in this day and age. While most law enforcement officers are decent people who truly want to be peace officers, some use their position as an excuse to be bullies and to get away with assault.

A Missouri State Representative, Bruce Franks, Jr., has been working for the last four years to have bodycam footage released in connection with a protest in which he was arrested. He finally got that footage released, and it is truly horrifying. An article from the website RT gives us some of those awful details (hat tip to here for the lead):

[Franks] alleges police clubbed him with a baton, kicked him and maced him despite his compliance with their verbal commands. “I hope this level of transparency will highlight, the need for reform,” he added.

The lengthy footage from the police perspective of the Christmas Eve clash in 2014 shows St. Louis cops bragging about kicking, clubbing and macing people.

“I went through a whole can of mace,” [St. Louis County police officers Timothy] Anderer tells another cop. “I had a couple of little good kicks.”

“One of the f**king white bi**hes caught me spraying everybody, so she’s on my ass. I’m hiding back here for a little bit,” Anderer is heard saying in the footage.

“This is a terrible place to fight people. Look at all these f**king lights and everything else.”

The RT article mentions another portion of the video:

“Some guy was kneeling down… and I still kicked him like there was no tomorrow,” [an officer named] Steinmeyer can be heard saying. “I f**king kicked him like there was no f**king tomorrow.”

Now, I understand being somewhat jaded by seeing violence when you’re in a line of work in which violence is common, but this kind of callousness is unacceptable. Even if the protest turned violent before police involvement, the job of law enforcement officers is not to brutalize people. It is to keep the peace and enforce the laws.

What it comes down to is that innocent, non-violent people don’t need to be treated violently, and Americans deserve better from those who are paid with our tax dollars.



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  • All too real, and has been for decades. Anybody thinking differently is naive! Unfortunately, the job attracts all too many bullies, malcontents, goons, and racialy inspired idiots. Better physcological screening, and standards, along with livable wages might help. How would you like being policed by guys who have been awake 20 hours with their side job being a “bouncer”?

    Unfortunately all too much of this type of garbage behaivior is sweapt under the rug.

  • And the police wonder why they have a bad reputation and people loathe them…it won’t go away until it gets cleaned up, but of course, the police aren’t going to rat on each other…the people are their boss, not the other way around, if people are abused by authority, they have to push back, and push back hard, otherwise the government agencies who keep hiring the goons and yahoos won’t stop. Protesting and acting like thugs won’t help, people need to file lawsuit after lawsuit and FOIA requests to expose the punk police and get rid of them. There should be a national registry of former or current police officers with excessive force complaints against them, if we are to know who the perverts are by having registered sex offenders, isn’t it fair we should also know who the goon cops are? Go to city council meetings, town hall meetings, anywhere elected politicians are and tell them they wont get your vote unless they sweep the thugs out of the local police departments!

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