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One Congressman Gave a Warning About the Serious Threat One Country Poses

One Congressman Gave a Warning About the Serious Threat One Country Poses

Congressman Mike Gallagher

America’s geopolitical enemies can never be underestimated.

Many have their sights on ambitions that could damage the United States.

One congressman gave a warning about the serious threat one country poses.

Congressman Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin sits on the House Armed Services Committee, and he’s concerned about the threat China poses.

China is becoming increasingly belligerent, and they’ve had the ambition of being the world hegemon for decades.

The Nixon era foreign policy of expecting China to moderate with more openness to markets hasn’t quite worked out.

Although the country has freer markets, they’ve used the increased wealth to ramp up their authoritarianism.

One of the ways they’re doing that is through technology, and Congressman Gallagher spoke about the danger of Chinese telecom giant Huawei.

Gallagher said, “[W]hat’s unique about Huawei…is that they have intimate ties with the Chinese Communist Party, indeed are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, and therefore we’ve seen multiple reports over the last few years that indicate that Huawei cannot be trusted to dominate the future of the global telecommunications market.”

With 5G technology on the horizon—a networking speed breakthrough—China could dangerously import their communist ideals if they dominated the market.

Gallagher continued, “[W]e don’t want to be in a position where we’re trusting our personal sensitive data or our national security data with Chinese Communist Party.”

This has already been an issue with some drone technology potentially being embedded with spy software.

The Department of Homeland Security recently warned that drones manufactured in China pose a security risk.

As Gallagher mentioned regarding Huawei, the Chinese government can access the information of any company it wants at essentially any time.

Chinese products can be embedded with spy technology at the behest of the state, which is run by president Xi Jinping who essentially named himself president for life.

Homeland Security warned:

“We’re not being paranoid…[Drones pose] potential use for terrorism, mass casualty incidents, interference with air traffic, as well as corporate espionage and invasions of privacy.”

Most drones in the United States are made in China, and most of those are made by the company DJI Technology.

Lanier Watkins, a cyber-researcher at Johns Hopkins University, said his team discovered vulnerabilities in the DJI Technology.

“We could pull information down and upload information on a flying drone,” he remarked.

That should give every pause because the actual manufacturer, under the thumb of the Chinese government, can do more damage than a team of researchers.

Watkins added, “You could also hijack the drone.”

This power in the hands of a foreign government poses national security risks as well as privacy risks to Americans.

Gallagher is sounding the alarm on Huawei and other companies that pose such a dangerous threat.

The Communist Party of China has shown that it absolutely cannot be trusted in this arena.

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