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Civil Unrest Is Getting Worse After One Unbelievable Attack

Civil Unrest Is Getting Worse After One Unbelievable Attack

Bernie Sanders

Political tensions are running high.

The left has gone completely mad and is lashing out in violent ways.

And civil unrest is getting worse after one unbelievable attack.

The election of Donald Trump has driven the left insane.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has literally been diagnosed as a disorder by psychologists.

And a dangerous consequence of TDS is that left-wing terrorists are lashing out in violent ways.

Radical leftists, who are almost invariably Bernie Sanders supporters, have committed several acts of terrorism over the past few years, and the outbursts are becoming more frequent and brazen.

Recently, a leftist confessed to driving a van through a Republican registration tent in Jacksonville, Florida.

And now a crazed Sanders supporter smashed windows at a Republican headquarters in Eureka, California, and threw an incendiary device inside.

He fled the scene, but was apprehended later, and charged with multiple crimes, including attempted arson.

The suspect had a “Bernie” sticker featured on his bicycle.

And yet another radical leftist resorted to political violence recently.

A man at a New Hampshire primary voting station slapped a 15-year-old child because he was wearing a MAGA hat.

Making matters worse, the so-called mainstream media refuses to seriously report on left-wing political violence.

They’re entirely disinterested.

The corporate press tried to destroy the Covington Catholic kids over a fake scandal, but they’ve hardly made a peep about the van attack, the attempted arson or the assault on a kid.

The bias of the media only makes the political divide worse.

It emboldens these left-wing domestic terrorists because they know the press has their backs.

Getting the Democrat Media Complex to say anything disparaging about Antifa is like pulling teeth.

They were largely silent when wild leftists vandalized Tucker Carlson’s house and tried to kick down his door when his wife was home alone.

The media was mum on independent journalist Andy Ngo being jumped and robbed by Antifa thugs.

The press didn’t say anything about Antifa protesters in Portland causing disruption and hurling racial slurs at black police officers.

Incidents of left-wing violence are almost too numerous to count, and the press isn’t interested.

There’s very clearly a problem with violence on the left.

Many of Sanders’s supporters are deranged, and not just on the fringes.

A Project Veritas exposé uncovered multiple Sanders staffers who extolled the greatness of the Soviet gulags and said Republicans will have to be re-educated in work camps by breaking rocks all day.

Thus far, these staffers are still employed.

If the left doesn’t step up and start policing itself, these incidents will only get worse.

It shouldn’t take a crazed Sanders supporter shooting up a congressional softball game to get the media to condemn the violence coming from the left.

One of the Sanders staffers caught on tape said the far left was planning a protest reminiscent of the Yellow Vest protests in France if Sanders doesn’t win in 2020.

It’s time to take these domestic terrorists seriously before civil unrest spirals out of control.

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