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Civil Unrest Exploded and One Shocking Video Shows Why

Civil Unrest Exploded and One Shocking Video Shows Why

Diane Binns

The killing of Minnesota citizen George Floyd set the nation ablaze.

Rioting and looting have spread across the country like wildfire.

And one shocking video exposes why civil unrest just exploded.

Derek Chauvin and three other Minneapolis police officers were fired after video captured Chauvin breaking police procedure and kneeling on the neck of George Floyd for several minutes.

Floyd had been arrested for allegedly passing counterfeit $20 bills and was already in handcuffs when Chauvin refused to get off Floyd despite tearful pleas that he couldn’t breathe.

Chauvin was charged with third-degree murder, but national protests were already underway.

However, the protests descended into chaos almost instantly.

A former NAACP chapter president in St. Paul called out protesters for bringing violence to her community when the heinous act occurred in Minneapolis.

The video shows that protests quickly turned into rioting and looting because opportunists and agent provocateurs used Floyd’s death as a pretext for their goals.

Rioting and looting in a different city has nothing to do with Floyd’s death.

And it only got worse.

The protests spread to cities all over the country.

Horrific videos of law-abiding citizens being beaten or robbed have proliferated.

Several states have deployed the National Guard, and the military is on standby if things get truly out of control.

These are the conditions that could lead to something truly terrifying like martial law.

Some states have instituted curfews for the weekend, but that’s only a taste of how bad the situation could get.

Minnesota has become an unlikely flashpoint for 2020.

Radical Congresswoman Ilhan Omar recently said she believed Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade, and potential Biden running mate Amy Klobuchar has been sullied by the riots in her state as well as a report that her office chose not to bring charges against Chauvin after he was involved in a shooting incident in 2006.

Minnesota is an important swing state, and there’s no telling which way it could go in light of the riots and looting.

Nevertheless, the nationwide violence is a terrible blow to the country.

Gun sales spiked, even in blue cities, in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The same phenomenon will undoubtedly happen again as people get serious about self-defense.

As the protests sprawl and intensify, make sure you have the capabilities to defend your home and your family, and avoid large crowds.

The sad reality is that another tragic incident like George Floyd’s death could happen again, and the same opportunists will come out of the woodworks, so it’s important to be prepared and stay prepared.

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