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Civil Unrest Exploded After One Shocking Attack

Civil Unrest Exploded After One Shocking Attack

Steven Carrillo

Rioting and looting has destroyed several communities across the country.

Peaceful protests in the name of George Floyd were co-opted by criminals and extremists.

And civil unrest exploded after one shocking attack.

The murder of George Floyd ignited a powder keg around the country that was waiting to go off.

Democrats and their media allies have done all they can to sow division and gin up civil unrest.

And one shocking attack just made things worse.

A Santa Cruz sheriff’s deputy named Damon Gutzwiller was killed ambush-style by alleged suspect Steven Carrillo, a former Air Force member.

Another deputy was injured in the attack, but he survived.

The FBI is also investigating if Carrillo was responsible for the execution-style murder of federal security officer David Underwood in Oakland.

Both killings took place in Northern California, and a white van was seen leaving the scene of both murders.

A white van was traced back to Carrillo and contained explosives.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff Jim Hart said, “[Carrillo] was very intent on killing these police officers.”

Thus far, Carrillo’s only motive seems to be wanting to kill cops, and it’s difficult not to link that motivation to the nationwide protests that are demonizing all law enforcement officers.

The left is playing an incredibly dangerous game.

Big media is providing moral cover for rioters and looters while doing their best to cover up their crimes.

Meanwhile, terrorists like the violent communist group Antifa are given free rein.

Even worse, they’re escalating violence and going to the homes of their ideological opponents.

Leftists have gone completely off the rails.

They’ve simultaneously encouraged rioting, ignored the victims of the rioting and looting—particularly minority-owned small businesses, and called for police departments to be defunded.

This combination of ideas is completely insane.

Demonizing police officers to this extent has led to the “Ferguson Effect,” the idea that cops are more reluctant to police high-crime areas for fear of backlash, so they withdraw and crime rates go up.

It first happened in Ferguson, Missouri after protests revolving around the killing of Michael Brown.

That’s where the “hands up, don’t shoot” myth was born.

The Department of Justice under Eric Holder’s supervision found that the cop in the incident acted in accordance with the law.

That hasn’t deterred the activists who are only interested in spreading mayhem.

The modern left in western countries was essentially born out of the French Revolution, a tumultuous time where the country descended into mob justice.

The Reign of Terror saw many citizens meet the guillotine, creepily nicknamed the “national razor.”

Many leaders of the revolution were themselves beheaded by other revolutions for a variety of reasons.

The children of the French Revolution are eager to see a similar form of upheaval here in the United States.

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