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Civil Unrest Is on the Rise After One Disturbing Attack

Civil Unrest Is on the Rise After One Disturbing Attack


The left is completely unglued from reality.

Their hatred of Donald Trump has caused people to lash out in bizarre and dangerous ways.

Now civil unrest is on the rise after one disturbing attack.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is most definitely a real thing.

Psychologists have dubbed it “Trump Anxiety Disorder,” and it’s causing violent outbursts for no rational reasons whatsoever.

The latest instance of TDS is truly disturbing.

A young couple in a car allegedly tried to run two teenage boys off the road because they had Trump flags on their bicycles.

The couple—Kyren Gregory Perry-Jones (23) and Cailyn Marie Smith (18)—then got out of the car and stole the boys’ flags.

They then intentionally drove over the boys’ flags, and sped off.

Smith stupidly recorded the incident on Snapchat and said, “Y’all scared, just like your president…America is not great.”

Perry-Jones, who is black, also told the boys he would say they used a racial slur if they called the cops on him.

The case is a stark example of how the left warps people’s minds.

Perry-Jones and Smith have been so conditioned to hate Trump and his supporters, they felt justified in running two boys off the road and recording the entire incident.

And Perry-Jones threatened to cause a racial hoax because he knows the left will leap at any chance to demonize Trump supporters.

The left claims “Trump’s America” is deeply racist, but they keep getting caught inventing racism.

Perry-Jones and Smith were both charged with multiple felonies, including intimidation and criminal recklessness.

Sadly, this isn’t even close to an isolated incident.

Recently, a deranged leftist drove his truck into a Republican campaign tent at an event.

An unhinged Bernie Sanders supporter slapped a 15-year-old at a primary voting station.

And another Bernie Bro was charged with attempted arson on a GOP precinct office in Humboldt County in Northern California.

Left-wing terrorism like these events go largely ignored by the so-called mainstream media.

Local news will cover it, and maybe a national outlet will pay lip service to it, but these incidents never get wall-to-wall coverage.

This is a big mistake because it encourages more of the same.

The far-left psychopath mob is emboldened to do more.

The escalation will only continue, which cannot lead anywhere good.

Easing tensions should be the goal, not escalating them.

That can’t happen until the left is willing to condemn left-wing violence with the same vigilance that they condemn anyone on the right.

The problem is that many of Bernie Sanders’s supporters have been radicalized on college campuses, and they have many fellow travelers who work in media.

They won’t run anything but puff pieces on Antifa.

Meanwhile, Sanders staffers have been captured on camera advocating for violent revolution.

As November approaches, it sadly seems the civil unrest will only get worse.

Don’t get caught off guard if election day brings out unhinged leftists looking for a fight.

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