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One City Is Under Siege Because Of An Insane Policy

One City Is Under Siege Because Of An Insane Policy

The country is still reeling from months of rioting and looting.

The tragic death of George Floyd gave radicals an excuse to burn down cities and terrorize communities.

Now one city is under siege because of an insane policy.

Minneapolis became ground zero for violent social unrest after the death of George Floyd and calls to defund the police have only led to absolute chaos.

A progressive community in Minneapolis tried a compassionate solution to the crime problem, and thus far, it’s been a giant failure.

Crime has increased dramatically across the city.

The murder rate is up 75% over last year; 78 people have been murdered this year so far compared to 45 all of last year.

Gunshot victims have more than doubled to 532 this year.

Carjackings are also up 331% and violent crimes have increased by 25.6% from 4,169 in 2019 to 5,237 in 2020.

In light of all the carnage, the far-left Minneapolis city council has dampened the rhetoric of defunding the police.

City council member Phillipe Cunningham said in an interview:

“I think that it’s important to name that dismantle does not mean dismantle into nothing, it means dismantling what we currently have to build something new.”

But that’s not what Cunningham and other “defund the police” zealots were saying months ago.

The New York Times and other papers wrote op-eds saying that yes, defund the police means exactly that – defund the police.

And Cunningham’s doublespeak of wanting to dismantle the police into something new is classic leftism.

There is no plan to build; radicals only know how to destroy.

The far-left “defund the police” talk nearly cost the Democrats control of the House of Representatives.

Democrats in purple districts were furious at the far-leftists within their caucus screeching about socialism and getting rid of the police.

Not only are these ideas unpopular, but they’re also dangerous, as evidenced by Minneapolis.

If the left were serious about defunding the police, they would actually allow people to defend themselves.

Instead, they want to make owning a gun as difficult as possible or press charges against private citizens who defend themselves and their property.

A bar owner in Nebraska named Jake Gardner was charged with multiple felonies including manslaughter after defending himself against an attacker amid protesting and rioting.

Gardner, an Iraq War veteran, tragically took his own life.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey have been the subject of leftist scorn since defending their property against an angry mob that had broken down the gate to their neighborhood.

A far-left district attorney not only tried to prosecute them, but fundraised off of it.

The radical left doesn’t really want to defund the police.

They want control of the police in order to enforce their “woke” ideology.

Meanwhile, average citizens are suffering.

People are fleeing progressive cities like Minneapolis and New York City because they don’t feel safe – and with such feckless leadership, who can blame them.

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