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One City Is Disgustingly Trying To Suppress Information About Rioting

One City Is Disgustingly Trying To Suppress Information About Rioting

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

Major cities were destroyed because of a full week of rioting and looting.

Protests over the murder of George Floyd quickly descended into violence.

And one city is disgustingly trying to suppress information about rioting.

The so-called mainstream media is trying to juggle two conflicting narratives at the same time.

They’re trying to convince the American people that the unprecedented Wuhan virus lockdowns must continue, but also encouraging the masses to protest in large numbers.

A group of politically motivated epidemiologists even argued that protests are permissible because racism is more dangerous than a global pandemic.

Big media went out of its way to downplay or outright ignore any press coverage of the violent rioting and looting.

Now that the protests have subsided, the liberal media is pivoting back to calling for an indefinite lockdown.

And now the paradoxical pro-protest/pro-lockdown crowd doesn’t want the public to know how many people contracted the coronavirus from attending protests.

In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio literally told contact tracers not to ask whether those who tested positive had attended a George Floyd protest.

A de Blasio spokesperson said in an email to journalists, “No person will be asked proactively if they attended a protest.”

It would seem like a contact tracer’s job to discover if a coronavirus patient went to a massive public gathering with thousands of people smashed together.

This is just the latest example of politics overriding everything else for the left, even common sense.

It’s rather deranged to panic over the coronavirus and then encourage huge crowds to gather in close proximity.

But for members of the left, nothing gets in the way of leftism.

New York has completely bungled the coronavirus response as well as the protest response.

At the state level, Governor Andrew Cuomo forced nursing homes to take in patients who tested positive for the virus – a death sentence for thousands of people.

Conversely, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida kept coronavirus patients out of nursing homes and largely saved the at-risk population.

In New York City, Mayor de Blasio encouraged citizens to attend festivities at the onset of the coronavirus, then allowed thousands of prisoners to be released early if they tested positive for the virus.

This led to a spike in crime that even de Blasio had to acknowledge.

And in the face of the protests, de Blasio instituted a late curfew, which made it difficult for police to clear the streets.

De Blasio also threw his police officers under the bus after a partial video of an incident with a protester was released.

It’s no wonder so many are in a hurry to flee the city and the state.

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