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One City Just Passed A Terrifying Vaccine Policy

One City Just Passed A Terrifying Vaccine Policy

COVID-19 Vaccine

The Wuhan virus has triggered a cascade of extreme policies.

Mask mandates and lockdowns have been enforced around the globe.

But one city just passed a truly terrifying vaccine policy.

Democrats and other pro-lockdown government officials around the world have used COVID-19 as a pretext for some startling violations of civil liberties.

And perhaps one of the most despicable violations manifested in Washington, D.C. where the council voted 12-1 to pass the Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act.

This would allow schools in D.C. to give vaccinations to minors as young as 11 if they consent against their parents’ wishes.

According to Business Insider:

“The bill requires the Department of Health to produce information about vaccines that are age-appropriate. And, if it becomes law, the bill stipulates that doctors would be required to bill insurers directly, and send the vaccination records to the kid’s school ‘if the parent is utilizing a religious exemption.’”

This means that parents wouldn’t even be notified.

Mary Cheh, the architect of the bill said:

“A child needs to be protected against the dangers of things like measles, other diseases that cause death, and the community needs to be protected so that diseases that were once thought to be eliminated are not coming back.”

Safety is always the excuse used by meddlesome politicians to enact breathtaking policies like this.

Trayon White, the lone ‘nay’ vote on the bill said, “Parents have a fundamental right to direct the upbringing, education and care of their children.”

Sadly, that common sense was overridden by the monstrous nanny-state politicians that passed the bill.

The D.C. Council will vote on the bill again, then Mayor Murriel Bowser must sign the bill before it becomes a law.

Unless there’s considerable backlash, there’s no reason to suspect that the council will reverse itself, and Bowser is a big-government leftist through and through.

The bill has largely flown under the radar because the so-called mainstream media don’t want to bring attention to it, and people have other infectious disease-related government overreaches to contend with.

Strict lockdowns and curfews are already underway in many jurisdictions.

The horrific vote by the D.C. Council is indicative of the leftist mindset.

They believe they know better than parents, so their ambitions should override the parents.

The same goes for education, which has become increasingly radicalized at every level.

One of the concerns that teachers and professors have voiced is that online learning could expose the far-left propaganda being spouted in classrooms.

Brainwashing and even injecting children behind their parents’ backs is chillingly Soviet.

Communist leader Vladimir Lenin once boasted, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

Leftists have taken that to heart, and they’re upping the ante with vaccinations.

If parents ever needed a reason to pull their kids out of public schools, particularly in blue areas like D.C., this would be it.

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