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One City Is In Serious Trouble After The Mayor Uttered Two Words

One City Is In Serious Trouble After The Mayor Uttered Two Words

Bill de Blasio

The Wuhan virus has exposed many public officials’ true colors.

Petty tyrants around the country have used the coronavirus as an excuse to implement all sorts of terrible policies.

And one city is in serious trouble after the mayor uttered two words.

New York City is on the brink of collapse.

Businesses have been forced into extinction and wealthy individuals are fleeing in droves – so much so that Governor Andrew Cuomo has begged them to come back.

But Mayor Bill de Blasio thinks now is the time to “redistribute wealth.”

Many Democrats bristle when they’re called communists, but de Blasio seems to wear that epithet as a badge of honor.

After being called out for discussing the redistribution of wealth, de Blasio doubled down and said that’s exactly what he wants to do.

De Blasio made it clear that he wasn’t being taken out of context by right-wing media outlets.

He said:

“Exactly right. I don’t get to say it very often, but Fox News got it exactly right. Amen. We are going to fight structural racism through redistribution. So Fox News, congratulations. Fair and balanced coverage right there.”

De Blasio literally wants to incorporate the Marxist philosophy of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

One on hand, it’s somewhat refreshing that de Blasio is essentially saying he’s a communist instead of playing coy and manipulating language.

On the other hand, every time this ideology is implemented, society eventually implodes.

During the summer, Manhattan had more vacancies than seen in years due to COVID tyranny and terrible governmental policies.

When the tax base leaves, there’s less wealth to “redistribute” and communities collapse.

And these bad economic policies are often wedded to bad social policies such as soft-on-crime and degeneracy.

New York City already tried this path and it was a disaster.

It took Republican mayor Rudy Giuliani to clean up the city.

When de Blasio ran for president in 2020, his campaign website domain was named It’s no wonder his campaign went nowhere.

The middle class usually suffers the brunt of tax hikes and burdensome regulations – so they often move to red states.

Functioning societies are difficult to maintain when only the wealthy and the subsidized poor remain.

De Blasio is hollowing out the city, and if his successor follows in his footsteps, New York is going to face a serious reckoning. But there might not be another Republican to save them this time.

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