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What To Do If Your City Collapses Into Utter Chaos

What To Do If Your City Collapses Into Utter Chaos

Survivalism is all about being ready for unexpected emergencies.

The usual modes of remedy will likely be unavailable in a time of crisis.

So here’s what you can do if your city falls into complete chaos.

The idea of a catastrophic collapse isn’t hard to imagine.

The news is inundated with stories about disasters of all kinds.

Countries like Greece and Venezuela have faced economic meltdowns due to bad policies, and the United States faced its own crisis in 2007-08.

Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and forest fires have devastated every corner of the country.

We’ve also experienced riots due to high civil unrest.

It doesn’t take much for a city to fall into pandemonium.

That’s why survivalists exist.

If your city faces one or more of these disasters—or even more severe catastrophes—you better be prepared.

Your first move is obviously to bug out.

But this isn’t always an easy decision.

Bugging out unnecessarily could compromise your status quo, but waiting too late could leave you trapped.

For example, if you miss your window to bug out, the freeways could be completely gridlocked and you could be stuck in harm’s way.

And in some extreme cases, you might find yourself inside a government quarantine.

If you can successfully bug out, make sure to have your safe bug out location properly prepared.

You should have a food supply, backup power, and means of communication to stay apprised of any breaking news.

It’s also a good idea to have backup bug-out locations within the city in case you’re unable to reach your intended bug-out destination.

An abandoned office building or some other inconspicuous location you’re familiar with could definitely come in handy if home isn’t an option.

The other option is to hunker down.

If you’ve prepared your home for a prolonged crisis, you might recede to a bunker or some other type of safe room.

The main struggle with hunkering down is that it’s harder to be incognito in an urban environment.

For example, if you have a backup generator, the noise might attract unwanted company.

That’s something you have to account for.

Also, if you have backup power from a generator or solar panels, that could also draw desperate intruders.

For this reason, you need to be prepared to defend yourself.

Police services might be overwhelmed or inactive.

One of the best ways to protect against possible attackers is deterrence.

Most criminals don’t want to attempt a break-in if it’s too difficult.

Also, close all blinds and curtains so people can’t get a read on who or what is inside.

If you’re hunkered down, in addition to food and communication, make sure you have first aid and sanitation covered.

A negative health event could quickly unravel your survival efforts.

Finally, have something to occupy your mind.

Even frightening disaster situations can get boring.

Make sure there are board games, cards, or some other distraction for you and your family to partake in.

If you’re prepared, you can get through a full-scale city collapse in one piece and survive to rebuild again.

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