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One City Is on the Brink of Civil Unrest Because of a Terrible Policy

One City Is on the Brink of Civil Unrest Because of a Terrible Policy

San Francisco

Political division in America is as deep as it’s been in decades.

Leftists have become unhinged because Donald Trump is the President of the United States.

And one city is on the brink of civil unrest because of a terrible liberal policy.

San Francisco is experiencing a heap of problems.

The city’s far-left policies are having negative consequences, something conservatives could’ve easily forecast.

Allowing people to live in squalor in the streets has caused the homeless population to skyrocket.

This has created a sense of lawlessness in the city.

Car break-ins are routine, and used needles and human feces litter the streets.

The problem is only made worse by the fact that far-left officials in the city refuse to allow developers to build new properties, so the population is surging while the housing market is frozen.

The cherry on top to these bad ideas is the rise of activist district attorneys who are more interested in policing the police than in policing the streets.

San Francisco is the latest city to elect a wild leftist to the position of D.A.

Chesa Boudin recently became D.A. of San Francisco, and in his short stint, he’s already managed to alienate the police officers he’s supposed to be working with.

Tony Montoya, leader of the San Francisco Police Officers Association (SFPOA), has come out strongly against Boudin for his response to an officer being attacked by a crazed citizen.

Montoya said, “Mr. Boudin has made it clear to criminals everywhere that you can violently attack a police officer and he’ll look the other way…Mr. Boudin has made it very clear that it’s open season on police officers.”

Boudin’s anti-cop stance should come as a surprise to no one.

He has deep, radical roots, and his agenda is nakedly leftist.

Boudin’s parents are unapologetic leftist terrorists.

His mother Kate was a Weather Underground terrorist who aided in an armored car robbery that killed two police officers and a security guard.

After spending 22 years in prison, she scored a teaching position at Columbia University’s school of social work.

This type of transition isn’t unique.

Universities are filled with unrepentant leftist terrorists.

Boudin’s father David Gilbert drove the getaway car in the aforementioned armored car robbery.

After his parents went to prison, Boudin was adopted by two more leftist terrorists, Bill Ayers and wife Bernadine Dohrn.

Also, Boudin was named after Joanne Chesimard (also known as Assata Shakur) yet another far-left radical terrorist who escaped from prison, killed a state trooper and fled to Cuba.

Boudin himself worked as a translator for former Venezuelan socialist dictator Hugo Chavez.

His entire background screams revolutionary communist, and the police are suffering the consequences.

Perhaps the most disconcerting aspect of this ordeal is these terrible ideas are being exported to other parts of the country.

These policies are unsustainable.

Sooner or later, something has to give, and the civil unrest could spill into the streets.

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