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This City Is On The Brink of Chaos Because Of One Dangerous Policy

This City Is On The Brink of Chaos Because Of One Dangerous Policy


Major metropolitan cities are seeing higher rates of crime.

Sadly, this increase in crime is not unexpected.

Now a city is on the brink of chaos because of one dangerous policy.

Police officers in Philadelphia were furious when SWAT officer James O’Connor was killed while attempting to serve a murder warrant for a repeat violent offender.

This tragic episode and other instances of increased violence are the direct result of policies from new district attorney Larry Krasner.

Krasner is one of the new progressive DAs funded by the globalist leftist George Soros.

The plan activated by Soros was to install far-left activists into district attorney offices around the country.

Soros-backed candidates have won in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, and Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

Prosecutors in these jurisdictions aren’t interested in upholding the law, their chief concern is criminal justice reform, i.e. doubling down on failed soft-on-crime policies of the past.

This approach was attempted in New York City and became a wasteland for two decades because of it.

In the case of Philadelphia, Krasner’s policies allowed a violent criminal multiple chances to be out on the street.

The murder suspect in the O’Connor case had been given a reduced sentence by Krasner’s office, had cocaine possession charges dropped, committed multiple parole violations, and failed multiple drug tests.

Despite all of this, the suspect was free to roam the streets and commit murder.

William McSwain, U.S. attorney for the eastern district of Pennsylvania, didn’t pull any punches in his assessment of Krasner.

McSwain said, “[The murder suspect] was on the street for one reason: Because of District Attorney Krasner’s pro-violent defendant policies.”

The job of the prosecutor is to keep jurisdictions safe by holding criminals accountable, not engaging in a “progressive” social experiment.

McSwain continued, “Here, there was an arrest and multiple parole violations and the Krasner regime did nothing.”

The suspect in O’Connor’s murder was also deemed “one of the city’s worst violent offenders” by the Philadelphia Police Department.

Situations like this are unavoidable when policies are designed for criminals to cheat the system and put others in danger.

New York City had to learn that lesson the hard way a second time.

After an uptick in crime, far-left mayor Bill de Blasio had to admit that his city’s bail reform policy was a disaster.

These Soros-backed district attorneys aren’t protecting law-abiding citizens, they’re protecting criminals and putting themselves at odds with their own police departments.

When Krasner tried to visit O’Connor and his family in the hospital, police officers blocked him from entering.

Krasner’s policies are destructive. And as Soros attempts to embed more cronies around the country, voters need to stay informed on which DAs would put their neighborhoods at risk.

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