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CIA Admits That They Created a Threat to American Lives

CIA Admits That They Created a Threat to American Lives

Governments have a history of creating problems and then claiming to be our saviors by solving those problems. Look no further than Hitler’s burning of the Reichstag and the Nazi use of this fire to justify suspending civil liberties in Germany. The atrocities from there are well known.

Now, we can thank the CIA for admitting that they have created terrorism. And we all know how our last couple of Presidents and their Congresses have used this terrorism to justify all kinds of atrocities, including killing American citizens without trial, and suspending our civil liberties (see The Patriot Act and, now, the The Freedom Act).

Unfortunately, the CIA’s actions are not speculation but are documented. For example, the CIA influenced the development of the Afghan mujahideen which became Al-Qaeda. In fact, writes:

“Al-Qaeda and other terror groups, including ISIS, are documented CIA assets. The director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan, General William Odom, admitted as much when he said ‘by any measure the U.S. has long used terrorism’ to realize foreign policy goals.”

Think that the Federal government is not going to continue creating terrorism and using this to justify controlling us? You had better check your understanding of human nature.

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Historical precedent indicates that the situation will only get worse, whether we move towards martial law and then collapse, or if the collapse happens before martial law. Either way, you had better be prepared.

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  • I suspect that a majority of the terror-type calamities, such as 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, etc. have been carried by the CIA and other alphabet agencies to push through government programs which would otherwise be difficult to sell. Some alert patriots have spotted the same crisis actors at Sandy Hook and Ferguson, so the CIA revelation is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • The cia has been doing that since its creation.
    Kennedy was going to disband the cia. Hmmm wonder why he was assassinated. Do away with Americas drug and arms smugglers.

  • J.F.K. Wrote an Executive Order on the United States note (dollars) backed by gold. Ten days later he was assassinated. It never went into effect. It is still sitting there waiting for another President to bring it back up. That’s why he was shot.

  • There are a lot of people who believe the same thing and with how shady the nas and cia are i wouldnt doubt it

  • And Kennedy was going back to the Silver Certificare Dollar Bill. Therefore our money would have actually been worth something again! KaBoom! My theory is…
    “Who Didn’t Kill Kennedy?!”

  • We/ bush Senior created and armed Mujahideen rebels to fight russia in afgan war along with putting saddam i power while he was head of CIA. Cia was training fighters, where(Jordan) with who(syrian rebels) before isis came out, to help oblamer try to oust assad. Now the leader(The Stranger) of isis is from where ? Thats right you guessed it, Jordan. They are CIA led, semi retarded easily brainwashed people are in isis. They’re pretty much like brainwashed cult followers!

    Doug did you see sandy hook video? See the two guys running out back of school and being chased and caught by the cops in the woods and nothing said of that? Or all the porta potties there before the ambulances even showed up? 911 the college 20 miles north recorded on their seismograph recording what seemed like timed explosions going off as the towers were collasping! Explosive smelling dogs were taken out of building week before it happened! I believe it Just look what they gained ! PATRIOT ACT which is far from its name should really be calld the UNPATRIOT ACT!

  • Yours is a very limited and obscure conspirety theory if true. I still will go with Kevin Costner’s movie J.F.K., which is quite believable as JFK and his brother Robert, as u.s. attorney general, went after the mafia, the military industrial complex, reining in the C.I.A., etc., who all had a reason, and the power, to work together, or alone, to assasinate the two brothers.

  • The only way this country will ever be free is to get rid of the government and ask God to guides Us and be our light period . We our to put our trust in God not the government

  • Purge and elect new common people with no political ties and promise swift judgement and harsh punishment if any official screwing over CITIZENS.

  • Force and threats of violence fail to create a peaceful, thriving society in which individuals, organizations and the people as a whole achieve their potential.

    There are limits to the effectiveness of violence. Blowing stuff up is a lot easier than building a creative, peaceful society. Why is America unable to “win wars” or achieve peace?

    An authoritarian society must underperform as people waste time, energy and brainpower resisting force with counterforce or withhold their best efforts and do not cooperate.

    Sadly our country is in a rut. Authoritarians do not even see the damage they do. They are blind to consequences. Their repertoire is limited.

    We see the difference in business organizations.

    “Whiteheadian” leadership and “bottom up” organizations outperform “Newtonian” or top down organizations by orders of magnitude. What applies to business organizations also applies to government.

  • Bush and Cheney are responsible for 9/11.
    I definitely believe that.
    On 9/11 I knew it was a set up because NORAD didn’t
    send out fighter planes. That was NORAD’S job.

  • I remember seeing the video of the towers coming down, that in the scene of the second tower, the moment it started to fall, three flashes appeared.
    Then while watching “Spare Change” on You-Tube a building demo guy said that the towers were “Pulled ” or demolished by explosives on all the major vertical members.
    Everybody has a problem with the Pentagon in that there was no plane debris and the walls on either side of the hole had no imprints from the wings of the plane.
    Was this all a ploy to get us into a war in the Mid-East?
    This is all Orwell stuff, as in 1984 they kept the fear of war up. They can control a country better if they always have an enemy.
    We used to have communism but that fell because it didn’t work, so now they have to alienate the most fanatical and backward part of the world to generate a new enemy.

  • And just who is the NWO? The super rich of the world who have all the money and power? A satanic cult ran by the same rich people? Or both?

  • Not when you have over 50% of the population depending on the government to sustain them!! We are a godless nation and Gods judgement has been decreed on us by our leaders. Defiant, proud and hedonistic better describes America today.

  • The scriptures say that 2/3’s of the people will be killed…”

    8 And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the Lord, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein.

    9 And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The Lord is my God.”

  • Liberty of the masses has become increasingly abused and mostly eliminated by “authorities”, especially over the last 50 years. Although there’s not much we can do about it, due to the masses having surrendered all of their power to their abusers, we can take comfort in the fact that it is not a permanent problem in anyone’s REAL life, albeit a painful experience in the interim.

    The bodies of abusers that parade around with their stolen authoritative powers are destined to go to the same end as the abused – ie – the grave. Yet, fortunately for those that believe on Jesus Christ as Savior, they shall live in eternity with their Savior, while “those who do not believe on Him shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on them”.

    As such, this is one great comfort for the oppressed of the world, to know that they shall be permanently separated from their unrepentant abusers, who are short sighted and think only in terms of temporary material gain and their physical life which shall pass away.

    The body is not the real you/me, but the invisible mind and soul lives forever. Therefore, we should not be as short sighted as those who try to cling to physical life and temporary authority over others, as if it’s all there is. If we believe with our minds that Jesus is the Christ, who removed the sin barrier between God and man, we shall have eternal life with new eternal resurrection bodies to join together with our eternal spiritual minds/souls. Eternity is forever.

  • Paranoia is become more common these days and the professional conspiracy industry is taking advantage of it.

  • The NWO is the new world order – google it. But know that to make a new world order means breaking up the old order through chaos, wars, and population control. While on google, check out the Rothschilds, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergs, the Bush “dynasty”, the Rockefellers, Gorbachov, Cuba, Jade Helm, and check youtube as well. Please note that the “super rich” already have most of the world’s money and now want all of the world’s resources. By the way, the net worth of the Rothschild family is $700 TRILLION dollars, which cannot be amassed without stealing it.

  • There’re indeed a lot of people who’ve become convinced everything is a conspiracy of our government. From Bush causing 911, the Iran earthquake, the Indonesian tsunami, the Gulf hurricanes including Katrina, to other presidents causing the first WTC attack, the OKC bombing, to the mass shootings, and the formation of various terror groups intentionally.

    But could it just be that bad, even terrible policies, misjudgment, and mismanagement have been the causes of many problems. For example, since WW II we tried to contain the USSR, Red China, and Communism. Often we’ve said that the enemy of our enemy was our ally, even a trustful one. From Biblical times we’ve seen the consequences of such shortsightedness.

    However, many of our actions had unforeseen and unintentional consequences. But oh no, many believe they were evil conspiracies. Heck, some current “pure ultra conservatives” are convinced that Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Franklin and the other supporters and signers of the Constitution were traitors to America.

  • What you don’t know is that NORAD’s job was to detect EXTERNAL air and space threats to the CONUS. It was the job of the FAA to notify NORAD and request help with possible domestic hijackings. The FAA failed to do so due to very poor coordination bordering on incompetence, but not a conspiracy. That has changed, hopefully effectively, since 911.

    In addition, fighters were launched from Otis AFB in OH but not coordinated in time to stop any of the airliners. Just how many fighters do you think were armed and sitting alert around the USA before 911? How many years has it been seen we had many fighters and bombers around the US sitting alert in case the USSR attacked us? Also, did you know the fighters launched from Langley AFB were meant to protect AF1 primarily? Not that we couldn’t and shouldn’t have launched unarmed fighters or other aircraft to intercept and possibly ram threatening aircraft.

    So before you blame Bush and Cheney in a partisan demagogic attack, do some homework and learn some facts before you claim you “knew” something was a set up.

  • Also include Castro whom we tried to assassinate, the Mafia mad over the loss of Havana as a gambling mecca, a Mafia don mad over JFK’s affair with his mistress, the CIA and the military for decisions that led to Bay of Pigs failure, and the USSR for our missiles close to them and the failed effort to install IRBMs in Cuba.

    But then maybe it was the fault of the elder Nazi Bush. Or was it Bush Jr. and Cheney?

  • But does that apply to all the world or just Israel? While many in the world will perish, I don’t think that prophecy applies to all of it. But you could be right.

  • Contain Red China?! If the US had not reneged on it’s promise to give Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of the nationalist Chinese, the weapons he needed to defeat Mao, China would not be communist today.

  • I’ve checked all of that years ago. I’m very familiar with most of that information. You addressed that aspect of my question, what about the spiritual aspect? Are they a satanic cult? Just how evil is the NWO?

  • With the towers, when they collapsed the force of pressure in the spaces below blew out the windows and allowed fire to escape. This was what conspiracy theorists see with the puffs of smoke coming out as upper floors collapsed down upon lower floors as “evidence” of a demolition.

    At the Pentagon, contrary to your claim, there was quite of bit of definitively identifiable airline debris parts of the fuselage and a lot of heavier debris including an engine and landing gears inside the building. Despite all the conspiracy theories, that wreckage can’t be explained away nor can the amount of it have been brought in in a matter of minutes. In addition, for such a conspiracy to work , it would have had to have far too many of the survivors and first responders at the Pentagon in on the conspiracy.

    Perhaps you believe we military personnel are so brainwashed that we’d go along with such a conspiracy. Sorry, not so. So “everybody” who have a problem with the Pentagon “scene” they imagine are those who need to believe that it was our own government that pulled off 911.

    Sadly, they’re also the same people who believe that Bush was also behind the Indonesian tsunami, the Iranian earthquake, the Gulf hurricanes including Katrina, and the “blowing up of the New Orleans dikes so that Cheney could force out poor blacks in order to buy up cheap land. By the way, many of the “non-partisan” claim Bush did all this with an IQ of 95. Also, maybe Bush caused the first Twin Towers attack.

    As for the Muslims, all too many either have never taken world history courses or flunked it. Since the beginning of Islam, it’s been the mortal enemy of Western Civilization. It is and always has been a religious/political/social/economic worldview with little tolerance for other views. It occupied much of Europe from Spain to Russia and from N. Italy to the Baltic, N. Africa, the Middle East, to western China and India. It was responsible for the final fall of the Roman Empire which forced an Italian of Jewish heritage to sail west and bump into the New World. It was the reason that Gavrilo Princip was arguably the most influential man of the 20th century by starting WW I which directly led as a result to the fall of the Hohenzollen, Hapsburg, Qing, Ottoman, and Romanov dynasties, creating instabilities in Europe and the Middle East and the latter giving rise to the USSR and Red China. It might surprise you but it wasn’t until about 1922 that the last of Islamic Caliphate was expelled from Europe. It might also surprise you to know that our first external war after the Revolution was with the Muslim Caliphate. Was it Bush who refused to pay them jizya?

    Many conspiracy theorists who hate the US government don’t or refuse to understand that according to Islamic doctrine, any land once conquered by them belongs to them in perpetuity, including most of Europe and its Infidel Crusaders. If you’re unaware of it, Muslims consider Americans as the inheritors of the Crusaders.

    But maybe I’ve gotten it all wrong and that Bush, Cheney, and the CIA caused all of these “supposed” historical events.

  • The Bilderbergers the Rothchilds, the CIA, the NSA, the Masons, the illuminati, the jews, the commies, the trilateral commission, the federal reserve are all conspiring against each other for total world domination!

  • I appreciate the fact that at its roots, the CIA tells the truth, even if years after the fact, but they want the record to be clear and correct (at some point). Thus, if Americans continue to read history and respect history, that history will eventually be corrected by the CIA, and the CIA will take credit for the terrible things they’ve done, including terrorism, assassinations and the like. At its heart, the CIA knows that someone in America is still able to read and think. Equally true, unfortunately, is the fact that most Americans are still so likely to accept whatever disinformation is thrown out at the time of the bad acts, whether that be 9/11, Sandy Hook, ISIS, and the like. Why aren’t Americans more skeptical in the present?

  • Sometimes, but not always. Sadly today for everything that foes wrong there’s someone calling it a conspiracy. Sometimes horse manure happens.

  • Sadly we’ve often support the wrong parties and abandoned the right ones.

  • I believe I made my point to the reference to NORAD’s job. Or do you think NORAD was responsible or Number 7?

  • Intelligent people get info from the source documents, when they are available, understand their context(s) and then make an informed statement without a spin. Some commenter here need to do the same.

  • Building no 7 collapsed very symmetrically. No plane hit it there was only a very small fire in one corner of the building and yet it collapsed as if by magic? I was very obvious that it was a controlled demolition that brought that building down.

  • Only while the Japanese were still in China. We didn’t give him the weapons he needed to defeat the Communists after that. China is communist today because people in power in the US were communist sympathizers.

  • OK, since you won’t acknowledge my comments about NORAD as they don’t fit your 911 Conspiracy theory, here’re some sites with a modicum of information about your Building 7 Conspiracy Theory.

    Now I doubt you’ll read them. Rather I think you’ll just dismiss them out of hand.

  • I looked at all three links and I had seen two of them before. Now look at this one. There are so many things that point to controlled demolition for all three buildings that I would wear out the keys on my keyboard before I could type them all . Here are just a few: A wallet found at the site completely intact with all the information about one of the hijackers, weapons grade nano thermite in the pools of molten metal at the base of the buildings, a jet engine from an airliner found at the base of one of the buildings that didn’t belong to either of the planes that hit the buildings? Someone planted the wrong engine there. Firemen and police on site were put on a gag order. A fire marshal with 30 years experience saying that now way did planes bring down those buildings. The FBI refuse , even through the freedom of information act, to release the videos taken from private businesses that would prove as to weather or not a plane or missile hit the Pentagon. Here’s what Major General Albert Stubblebine had to say:

  • What we have is a duel of conflicting sites. I simply don’t believe the 911 Truthers, you do. And so far you refuse to discuss NORAD’s job. Why?

  • What does NORAD have to do with three buildings colapsing other than they were grounded by Dick Cheney on that day. Only two pilots were allowed to fly and intercept and destroy the plane heading for the Capitol building on that day. A plane did not crash in Shanksville but a few pieces were found where the Feds said it crashed. The coroner at the site said there was no work for him there because there were NO bodies. One of the pilots involved admitted his role, in the destruction of that plane, but only after he retired. That information was posted on the web and has since disappeared! I will take the word of someone like Major General Albert Stubblebine over any government shill because he set out to prove these so called conspiracies were wrong but ended up, through diligent research, admitting they were right. 9/11 was false flag operation used by the real owners of this country as leverage to for one pass the Patriot Act which had been written long before 9/11 but they knew no one would accept it and to get us even more involved in mid-eastern countries that were refusing to go along with forming a mid-east block of countries that would lead to world government.

  • As I said you believe in your conspiracy theories and I don’t. Also, it was you who raised the issue of Building 7 after I commented on NORAD.

  • You’re a prime example of why this country is going to Hades in a hand basket. People believe everything their government / politicians, pastors, and doctors tell them with blind faith without investigating or doing any research as to weather their being told the truth. All those of my friends who have taken the time to do any research on 9/11 have come to the same conclusion that it was our own government that was behind that disaster and not terrorists.

  • The engines of the ” plane ” should have left a very big mark on either side of the hole. They didn’t. There was only one engine found at the scene and it was much smaller than that of an airliner. NO bodies, other than those of people who worked at the Pentagon, were found. The hole made by the impact was much smaller than the fuselage of an airliner. The people who witnessed the plane coming so close to their car said ” it almost hit their antenna” were wrong in claiming it was an airliner because any airliner, coming that close to a car, at 400 miles per hour would have flipped that car around like a butterfly in a hurricane.One of the Pentagon employees, who’s office was cut in half by the impact, said it definitely was not a plane that hit the Pentagon. Major General Albert Stubblebine found it strange that the most secure building in the US had all of their cameras turned off that day except one and all the videos, made by cameras in private businesses, were confiscated by the FBI. Incidentally even after all these years, even through the Freedom of Information Act, the government will not release those videos. Sure an ” airliner ” hit the Pentagon. As kids say today NOT!

  • As I said Ron, I don’t buy your into conspiracy theories. But like most anti-American government haters you need to resort to puerile innuendos against those who have looked into the matter and don’t buy it.

    No doubt your friends are fellow conspiracists. So go ahead and resort to prevarication, but it makes you no more than a caitiff and a knave.

    By the way, tell me, did you ever defend this country? Or do you like some others believe serving treason?

  • Like I said, I don’t believe your sources. But go ahead and resort to some more knavish ad hominem attack.

  • This is the last time I will reply to your comments. You seem to be a very intelligent person but your pride will be your downfall, By that I mean you refuse to accept any information, no matter how reliable or logical, that disagrees with your preconceived opinion. This is just to let anyone who follows this debate. Major General Albert Stubblebine was in charge of all the military’s strategic intelligence before he retired and he researched the events that occurred on 9/11 with the same dedication and open mindedness that he had as an officer in the military. He set out to prove these conspiracy theorist wrong and he, to his astonishment, ended up proving them right. He put his pride aside and admitted they were right and he’s original beliefs were wrong.

  • I guess that puts me in the same shoes as the MAJORITY of experts who disagree.

  • An airplane will not make a cartoonish profile keyhole as the wings collapse and fold back as they strike a solid object. Pres Jackson sent the US marines against the muslim pirates in ” the Shores of tripoli” during his presidency. the muslims have been attacking the west for over 200years

  • I believe it was Pres. Jefferson who sent the US Navy and the Marines to Tripoli to take names and kick you know what around 1801. Pres. Jackson served as president from 1829 to 1837.

    Also, the Muslims have been attacking the West for over 1200 years.

    As for the “cartoonish profile keyhole, please post a photo of such a cartoonish hole.

  • The “UNITED STATES” has always supported whatever policy would sustain a global ‘State of Emergency’ that would foster a continuing “military industrial complex”!

    It appears that ALL of the ‘World Wars’ have been created so that the MONEY behind the wars could continue to grow to the maximum extent of the pockets involved.

    While the “Korean War”, the “Viet Nam Conflict”, and the “MidEast Crises” have NOT been labeled “WARS”, it was only due to the paperwork of the U.S. Congress that prevented it! The POTUS has continually chosen to ignore the will of the people and push for the weapons agenda. Lady Bird Johnson grew EXTREMELY wealthy by having the SOLE contract for resupply to Viet Nam.

    How are we getting rid of our ‘worthless’ uranium scrap? Why – we redistribute it to the Mideast of course! That land will be uninhabitable for the next 1,000 years due to the UNITED STATES program for putting our trash in someone else’s back yard!

  • William, are all your “FACTS” so unreliable?

    War has almost always been economic in nature, a desire to expand sources of raw material or labor, even before the US existed. Sadly, conflict is the predominate state of mankind, much more so than peace.

    If you think that the Korean WAR, the Vietnam WAR, and the Mid East WARS were started by the US, you have a lot to learn about US and world history. Those wars were part of the ongoing conflict from WW II after the Communists at the behest of the USSR and Red China tried to take over Europe and Asia. That included the WARS in Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, Laos, and other parts of SE Asia.

    We sure made our share of mistakes, but would you have preferred that the Soviets and Chinese prevailed? The causes of both World Wars started with the fall of the Roman Empire and the hundreds of years or European internecine warfare. Could the US have avoided either World War? I doubt it, but we could have been better prepared and maybe, just maybe have shoertenbed the wars. But keep in mind, both wars were the also the results of economic upheavals, particularly WWII.

    Please post the propaganda site where you found out that LBJ’s wife had the SOLE contract for resupply of Vietnam. There was indeed a lot of graft and war profiteering, but there was no SOLE party involved.

    Also, where did you learn that the Mid East would be UNINHABITABLE for the next thousand years? What type uranium are you discussing? Do you even know the differences? And yes, heavy metal uraniums is dangerous.

    As for the Mid East Wars, did the US start the Barbary Coast Wars? Or do you not recall what they were?

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