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China’s Infiltration Into America Is Worse Than First Thought

China’s Infiltration Into America Is Worse Than First Thought

Simon Ang

The Wuhan virus has opened many eyes to the threat of China.

The country has acted as an adversary for many years.

And China’s infiltration into America is worse than first thought.

There are now over 4.3 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus around the world and just under 300,000 deaths.

The so-called mainstream media in America is determined to blame Donald Trump for the global pandemic, but most people see what’s really going on.

China is responsible for the spread and severity of the virus for multiple reasons.

They covered up the virus, lied to the World Health Organization, and very likely let the virus leak from a biohazard lab due to sub-standard procedures.

Even if the coronavirus originated in the Wuhan wet market, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has already reopened the dubious market, so clearly they aren’t putting safety first.

China has also hoarded supplies for themselves and sold faulty equipment to other countries.

This is all part of China’s plan to displace the United States as the world hegemon.

And their plan is further along than many thought.

Simon Ang, an engineering professor at the University of Arkansas, was arrested for alleged wire fraud.

Ang supposedly concealed money he was receiving from the CCP in order to collect subsidies and grants from NASA and other governmental bodies.

According to the New York Times, “[Ang] worked for and received funding from Chinese companies and from the Thousand Talents program, which awards grants to scientists to encourage relationships with the Chinese government…He warned an associate to keep his affiliation with the program quiet.”

Other professors in the United States with connections to the Thousand Talents program have also been arrested for what amounts to espionage.

In addition to the Thousand Talents program, the CCP has also infiltrated American universities with dozens of Confucius Institutes across the country.

They’re billed as cultural exchange centers, but they’ve been exposed as hubs for spies to keep close eyes on Chinese nationals studying abroad to ensure they don’t become Americanized.

Since the end of the Cold War, America has been in a cold war with China and never really knew it until now.

Deng Xiaoping, China’s former leader who succeeded Chairman Mao, famously said in 1989, “Hide your strength. Bide your time.”

China has been determined to win a cold war against the United States for decades and people are slowly waking up to that fact.

The Wuhan virus has accentuated how fragile our supply chain is.

The U.S. depends on China for critical emergency equipment and life-saving drugs.

It’s a huge problem to have a hostile foreign power essentially control the supply of antibiotics.

Donald Trump has been sounding the alarm on China for over a decade and it’s become obvious why.

Now is the time for manufacturing in vital sectors to come home. Trade with China is good, but it can’t come at the expense of national security.

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