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China’s Huge Global Threat Just Created A Massive Backlash

China’s Huge Global Threat Just Created A Massive Backlash


The entire world is still in the grips of a deadly pandemic.

The coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China is causing serious social and economic upheaval.

And China’s huge global threat just created a massive backlash.

There are close to 2 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

The outbreak that began in Wuhan province in mid-November has now spread across the globe.

The United States and several countries in western Europe have been hit particularly hard.

And China’s role in the spread of the pandemic is causing a major backlash.

According to reports, American companies are leaving China.

The global manufacturing consulting firm Kearney released their annual Reshoring Index that stated:

“Three decades ago, U.S. producers began manufacturing and sourcing in China for one reason: costs. The trade war brought a second dimension more fully into the equation―risk―as tariffs and the threat of disrupted China imports prompted companies to weigh surety of supply more fully alongside costs. COVID-19 brings a third dimension more fully into the mix­, and arguably to the fore: resilience―the ability to foresee and adapt to unforeseen systemic shocks.”

The idea is that American companies are leaving China because Donald Trump’s tariffs and the Wuhan virus have changed the risk assessment for these companies.

Trump has warned about the threat of China for over a decade, and his fears are beginning to be understood by others.

Not only does China cheat mercilessly on trade, they’ve botched the handling of the Wuhan virus in profound ways.

First, they didn’t act on news of the outbreak when it first occurred in mid-November.

They lied to the World Health Organization and said the coronavirus wasn’t spread by human to human contact.

There’s also widespread speculation that they’ve significantly manipulated their number of cases and deaths, which has thrown off computer modeling.

The Communist Party of China has also profiteered off the crisis in despicable ways – as well as launched a propaganda campaign blaming the U.S. Army for the outbreak.

Also, there’s growing speculation that the virus might’ve accidentally been released from a lab due to poor safety protocols.

In totality, it makes all the sense in the world for companies to get out of China so as not to jeopardize their supply chain.

The move out of China is also hastened by the fact that they’ve reopened the wet market where the virus might’ve spread.

Deadly viruses in exotic animals like bats and pangolins are a ticking time bomb, as evidenced by several viruses that have originated in China.

Moreover, Forbes wrote of the Kearney report:

“Manufacturing imports from China were the hardest hit…The new SARS coronavirus has literally closed the economies of the Western world and created a public relations nightmare for China.”

China has literally threatened to deny the United States necessary drugs and pharmaceuticals.

An article in Xinhua, a state-run media outlet, threatened:

“[M]ost of the drugs in the United States are imported…If China banned exports, the United States will fall into the hell of a new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic…We should say righteously that the U.S. owes China an apology, the world owes China a ‘thank you.’”

This is the belligerent country that the United States and American companies are dealing with.

The time to end our reliance on China for such a critical amount of medicine and medical supplies is now, because it’s proven to be a disaster-in-waiting.

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