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China Wants Joe Biden In The White House For One Disturbing Reason

China Wants Joe Biden In The White House For One Disturbing Reason

Joe Biden
Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Joe Biden is dangerously close to becoming president of the United States.

He could do serious damage and set the country back after the gains made by Donald Trump.

Now China wants Biden in the White House for one disturbing reason.

China has made it clear they intend to become the world’s predominant superpower.

They’ve essentially been engaged in a one-sided Cold War with the United States for decades.

Only under Donald Trump have people woken up to the threat that Communist China poses.

The entire globe got a taste of it with the Wuhan virus pandemic, but the Chinese Communist Party is dangerous in more ways than one.

And it appears that Joe Biden won’t be willing to stand up to them.

The Hunter Biden email scandal—and the subsequent media coverup—has provided compelling evidence that Biden could be compromised vis-à-vis China.

It’s no secret China wants Biden installed as president, and the reasons why are coming into focus.

Based on information acquired from Hunter Biden’s laptop and former business associates who are cooperating with authorities, Hunter brokered a 2011 White House meeting between Chinese Communist Party bigwigs and his father.

From National Review:

“Hunter Biden’s business associates arranged meetings at the Obama White House for a delegation of the ‘China Entrepreneur Club.’ Established in 2006, the CEC is led by high officials of the Chinese Communist Party, some government officials (including diplomats), and billionaire business executives with close ties to the regime. This visit to the White House is said to have included a meeting with then–Vice President Biden.”

Hunter allegedly picked up bags of cash in China while his dad was vice president, and some of his emails suggest that a cut of that money went to “the big guy,” who’s believed to be Joe Biden.

But even worse than the potential rampant Biden family corruption is the corruption of the so-called mainstream media.

They refuse to cover the story because they’re afraid it will help Donald Trump win.

Since 2016, Democrats have been trying to undo the results of the election.

One of their regrets is covering Hillary Clinton’s email scandal in the run-up to election day.

They don’t want to make this mistake again, so they’ve essentially put an embargo on the story.

Big tech platform Facebook and Twitter are admittedly downplaying the story, and NPR says it’s nothing more than a “distraction.”

Almost nobody in the corporate press is even willing to ask Biden questions about the scandal.

With only one week until election day, Biden called a lid on his entire campaign.

He won’t be having any more rallies or press appearances.

Biden is sitting in a bunker in Delaware relying on the corporate press to sweep him into victory on November 3rd.

It’s truly a slap in the face to the American people.

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