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China Just Threatened America With One Dangerous Move

China Just Threatened America With One Dangerous Move

China has made it clear they intend to be the world’s top superpower.

In order to do that, they must weaken America.

Now China just threatened America with one dangerous move.

China has been allowed to manipulate the Wuhan virus to their advantage.

The Chinese Communist Party not only suppressed information about the spread of the virus, but they orchestrated a large-scale disinformation campaign to encourage other countries to ruin their economies.

The so-called mainstream media in America have played along with China to use the pandemic to damage Donald Trump, boost Joe Biden, and justify government crackdowns.

Now China is threatening America by arming a belligerent country in the western hemisphere.

From USNI News:

“Venezuela’s propaganda videos are showing off warships armed with new Chinese-made anti-ship missiles. The C-802A missile, supplied by Beijing to the Venezuelan Navy, is designed to take out surface ships at ranges of over 100 nautical miles. The sea-skimming missile is generally analogous to the Harpoon. This arms deal should greatly increase the reach and potency of President Nicolás Maduro’s navy.”

Communists have made common cause with socialist dictatorships ever since the Cold War in 1947.

The Soviet Union armed America’s enemies everywhere they could, most notably Cuba because the island nation is so close to the United States. Cuba remains a totalitarian hellscape today, two decades after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

But Venezuela has since taken Cuba’s place as the socialist “utopia”. When former president Hugo Chavez rose to power on a socialist mandate, he was celebrated by the left intelligentsia in the west.

Hollywood celebrities and leftist politicians went to Venezuela to kiss the ring of Chavez, but now pretend like it never happened now that the country has collapsed into utter chaos and ruin.

More from USNI News:

“As well as the C-802A anti-ship missiles, China has been supplying small arms and general equipment. This acquisition is a reminder that despite [Venezuela’s] economic and internal challenges, they are still focusing on weapons to take on external adversaries.”

It’s bad enough that Venezuela is being propped up by the CCP, but American leftists still refuse to condemn the South American country.

For example, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar blamed Venezuela’s failure on American imperialism instead of idiotic socialist policies.

It couldn’t possibly be the failed ideology that turned the richest country in South America with abundant natural resources into the poorest country on the continent.

Now China is supplying them with weapons to ensure that dictator Nicolas Maduro remains in power.

China wants to support and embolden America’s adversaries.

The CCP’s expansionist moves give credence to the notion that we’re engaged in another Cold War, this time with China.

The difference between the first Cold War with the Soviet Union and the one with China is that American patriotism has become a four-letter word on the left.

There were still far-leftists who hated America back then, but now their ideology has become mainstream.

America is fighting both China and itself at the same time.

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