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China Could Be Spying On Us In A Terrifying Way

China Could Be Spying On Us In A Terrifying Way

Chinese Drones

China poses the biggest geopolitical threat to the United States.

The Trump administration is working diligently to push back on China’s efforts to expand power globally and spy on America.

But China could be spying on the country on a scale far greater than anticipated.

While the liberal media have a laser focus on Russia, China’s aggressive expansion efforts are more troubling than any threat Russia poses.

The Department of Homeland Security recently warned that drones made by Chinese companies present a major security risk.

Although China has somewhat liberated its markets over the decades since Richard Nixon opened up the west to China, the country continues to have an authoritarian communist government in place.

The Chinese government operates with autonomy over the economy and can access the information of any company, which is where the security risk to America comes in.

Chinese electronic products can be embedded with spy technology at the behest of the communist government headed by Xi Jinping.

Homeland Security warned in a video:

“We’re not being paranoid…[Drones pose] potential use for terrorism, mass casualty incidents, interference with air traffic, as well as corporate espionage and invasions of privacy.”

Most drones in the United States are manufactured in China, and most of those are made by a company named DJI Technology.

Lanier Watkins, a cyber-researcher at Johns Hopkins, said his team found vulnerabilities in the DJI Technology.

“We could pull information down and upload information on a flying drone,” he said.

If a team of research scientists could hack the drones, imagine what the company that designed them can do.

Watkins added, “You could also hijack the drone.”

This type of power in the hands of a foreign government poses natural security risks as well as privacy risks to Americans who benefit from commercial drones.

This is one of the main reasons Donald Trump is engaged with a trade showdown with Jinping.

The Chinese have not only benefited from absurd trade imbalances that have resulted in surpluses in the hundreds of billions, but they’ve also been notorious for stealing intellectual property.

These security risks are why smartphones from Huawei, the number one telecom manufacturer in China and the world, have been banned by the Trump administration.

The communist government of China has proven that it cannot be trusted, and the reliance on Chinese manufacturing has put American security at risk.

That’s why the time is now to take a stand.

China has used its trade surpluses to prop up its economy and exert influence around the globe, including keeping the dictatorial Kim regime in power in North Korea.

China has also been belligerent with building islands in the South China Sea to expand their military presence.

Although China is formidable, they’re not invincible.

They need America more than America needs China; cheap manufacturing can be found in other countries and regions.

Also, China’s quasi-command economy has led to inefficiency and overexpansion, including ghost towns as a result of mismanaged development projects.

The Trump administration needs to stop China from stealing tech and potential spying on Americans, and that’s exactly what they’re trying to do.



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