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China Is Spreading Another Insane Lie About The Coronavirus

China Is Spreading Another Insane Lie About The Coronavirus

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The Wuhan coronavirus is a menace that grows by the day.

China has worked overtime to save face after they allowed the outbreak to occur.

Now China is spreading an insane lie about the coronavirus.

The Wuhan coronavirus has claimed nearly 15,000 lives around the globe while health officials scramble to learn as much as they can.

Several countries are working feverishly to develop a vaccine.

Until then, the scope and scale of the coronavirus fallout will likely continue to sprawl.

And China is making it worse by embarking on an aggressive disinformation campaign, something the Communist Party of China is notorious for.

A so-called expert on Chinese television said, “The US pushed out the vaccine so quickly, that only means they have been working on it way before the pandemic.”

This is completely insane. No vaccine has been developed and health experts believe it could take 12-18 months.

Worse, the host’s response to the statement was, “So we can conclude that the US had this virus in their possession long ago.”

That is the definition of state propaganda.

And this isn’t the first time.

Recently, Zhao Lijian, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, tweeted a ridiculous conspiracy that the United States military gave the coronavirus to China.

Perhaps the worst of China’s disinformation campaign is how the Democrats and their media allies are doing China’s bidding.

Instead of calling out China for blaming the U.S. for the coronavirus, they attacked Trump for using the phrase “Wuhan coronavirus” when the corporate press had already used it for months.

Even Hillary Clinton got in on the act.

In order to keep this absurd narrative going, editors went on Wikipedia and changed the name of the Spanish Flu to the “Influenza of 1918”.

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When Trump calls the press the enemy of the American people, this is why it resonates.

The media has zero interest in taking China to task for insulting our military.

China’s disinformation campaign is incredibly intricate.

Not only are they blaming America for the outbreak, but they’re also covering up the fact they exacerbated the spread of the pandemic by lying about how it’s transmitted and failing to act swiftly when they had the chance.

Again, the American press took their side.

They don’t want to talk about China’s obvious role in this disaster.

World economies are in tatters as a result of China’s lies and malfeasance. Soon or later, there will be a reckoning for the damage inflicted by China.

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