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China Said Something Deeply Concerning About Joe Biden

China Said Something Deeply Concerning About Joe Biden

Joe Biden

China has made it very clear they are an adversarial force on the world stage.

The country’s handling of the Wuhan virus was a wakeup call for anyone who doubted that reality.

And now China said something deeply concerning about Joe Biden.

The United States is very likely in an undeclared Cold War with China.

China has boasted about new military weaponry and have been gathering intelligence on American military personnel.

The easing of tensions with the communist state was supposed to make them more amenable to free markets and embrace human rights.

The former happened to a certain extent, but the latter did not.

The Chinese Communist Party has allowed for some free market commerce, but they control it with an iron fist.

And the CCP’s human rights abuses are as bad as ever.

Now a state-controlled securities firm in China has made it clear they want Joe Biden installed as president of the United States.

The company, Guotai Junan Securities, wrote the following analysis of Biden:

“Former U.S. vice president Biden, who currently ranks first in the Democratic Party’s approval rating, is a rare candidate who opposes the Sino-U.S. trade friction…Biden has expressed his opposition to Sino-US trade frictions on multiple public occasions and believes that ‘all the wrong methods’ have been used to deal with Sino-U.S. trade.”

The Democrats made a big to-do about the Russians favoring Donald Trump in 2016, but in reality the Russians simply wanted to sow chaos.

Yet the Democrats are silent on China preferring Biden over Trump.

The fear-mongering over Russia from the Democrats has become absurd.

Russia has an aging population with an economy smaller than that of Texas.

Many people on the left didn’t have these concerns about the Russians when they were an empire flipping several countries toward communism.

But while China is stealing intellectual property, annexing Hong Kong, propping up North Korea, and enslaving the Uyghur Muslim population, many members of the left have turned a blind eye.

Trump has taken an aggressive posture with China regarding trade because China has been allowed to enrich itself through unbalanced trade agreements.

Trump’s strategy of using tariffs to encourage China to drop their tariffs has had some success, but Biden is very likely to unravel that and return to business as usual.

Also, Biden’s son Hunter has been under scrutiny for enriching himself on deals with China.

Hunter Biden admitted to receiving a “large diamond” from a CCP-backed energy corporation, and Senate investigations show he also received $1 million for legal work related to an energy deal in Louisiana.

Hunter also acknowledged that he received $83,000 from Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, without having any expertise in the energy sector nor in Ukrainian regulatory policy.

The Bidens’ cozy relationship has largely flown under the radar.

There should at least be a discussion about why America’s chief geopolitical threat is so eager to have Biden installed as president.

But that undercuts the Democrats’ narrative that Biden will be tough on China.

The CCP certainly doesn’t think so.

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