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China Made A Shocking Move That Put Several Countries In Serious Jeopardy

China Made A Shocking Move That Put Several Countries In Serious Jeopardy


World health officials still haven’t gotten the Wuhan coronavirus under control.

Governments are experimenting with difficult methods in order to subdue the outbreak.

But China made a shocking move that put several countries in serious jeopardy.

The number of confirmed cases around the world has crept up past 1.4 million with nearly 82,000 deaths.

Additionally, the world economy has lost trillions of dollars as a result.

China’s mishandling of the pandemic is becoming more apparent as more information comes to light.

The Chinese Communist Party did very little when the outbreak first occurred in mid-November.

In fact, they silenced doctors and hospital workers who attempted to alert the public. They also lied to the World Health Organization (WHO) about the nature of how the virus is transmitted.

But China made another appalling move that’s put other countries in harm’s way.

According to reports, China has been using the global pandemic for profiteering.

The New York Post reports:

“Leading U.S. manufacturers of medical safety gear told the White House that China prohibited them from exporting their products from the country as the coronavirus pandemic mounted.”

In one instance, China turned around a ship of medical masks heading to the United States.

The Post continued:

“Executives from 3M and Honeywell told US officials that the Chinese government in January began blocking exports of N95 respirators, booties, gloves and other supplies produced by their factories in China.”

This is why it’s a bad idea to have an adversarial communist government in control of America’s supply chain.

And China’s malfeasance cuts even deeper.

An official in the Trump administration said:

“Data from China’s own customs agency points to an attempt to corner the world market in PPE (personal protective equipment) like gloves, goggles, and masks through massive increased purchases – even as China, the world’s largest PPE manufacturer, was restricting exports.”

This type of behavior from the Chinese government cannot go unpunished.

There will have to be serious ramifications for China’s role in this global catastrophe.

And it gets even worse.

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Many of the countries China has sold PPE supplies to have reported that the equipment is either defective or even contaminated with the coronavirus.

China has proven that they aren’t operating in good faith.

The communist government is only concerned with maintaining power in the mainland and expanding its influence around the world.

Since China views its populace as expendable, they’ve been able to exert control over the public and other countries are also feeling the sting.

Not only is China responsible for the spread of the virus, now they’re profiteering from it on the back end.

This must serve as a wake-up call that it’s unwise to rely so heavily on China for manufacturing.

There’s a cost for being so dependent on China, and we’re paying for it right now.

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