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China Just Unveiled a New Weapon That Should Have All Americans Terrified

China Just Unveiled a New Weapon That Should Have All Americans Terrified


China is a huge geopolitical threat to the United States.

The country has been engaging in both aggressive and subversive tactics against America and other nations.

But China is testing a new weapon that would do significant damage to the United States.

The threat of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is imminently real.

So real that a report said an EMP bomb could lead to the deaths of 90% of the population on the east coast.

In response to the EMP threat, Donald Trump signed an executive order to address the issue.

Trump’s order will focus on developing and implementing strategies to defend against an EMP, as well as deal with the fallout in the wake of such a disaster.

Making matters worse, China is developing an EMP weapon, and they have one major target in mind: America.

China has ships with the capabilities of launching high-altitude attacks against the United States.

China is an authoritarian country intent on being the world’s preeminent superpower.

An EMP delivered with a powerful enough load could send America back to the 1800s.

Most electronics would be permanently fried and unusable, and it would take decades to rebuild infrastructure and reconstitute tech knowledge.

It would be a truly devastating attack.

While the mainstream media and the Democrats have a laser-like focus on Russia, they’re not at all paying attention to what the Chinese are doing.

Even since China went communist under the brutal reign of Chairman Mao—who was responsible for over 60 million deaths—China has been a totalitarian country.

They eventually opened up their markets, realizing the flaws of an entirely centrally planned economy, but the government still controls all commerce.

And Xi Jinping just named himself president for life.

China also uses artificial intelligence to spy on and censor their citizens in a frightening and profound way.

They’ve so engaged in wildly unbalanced trade deals that have hurt America.

Trump is trying to get China to lower its tariffs with retaliatory tariffs, but it could lead to a long war of attrition.

While China’s communist government has wildly misallocated resources—the country has several ghost cities with housing far outstripping demand—they’ve shown they don’t care about the suffering of their citizens.

So they’re uniquely prepared to play a long game of chicken.

China has also propped up the brutal dictatorship that is North Korea.

All of China’s actions portray a country that is incredibly belligerent toward the United States.

If they successfully used an EMP against us, they would fulfill their wish of being the leading superpower, and they wouldn’t fill the power vacuum with the same grace the United States has.

An EMP attack would be seen as a declaration of war, and we could find ourselves in a hot nuclear war with China.

That would be the doomsday scenario, but as was the case during the Cold War, mutually assured destruction kept both the United States and the USSR from engaging in nuclear war.

Either way, preppers should mindful of such a threat, and be ready to hunker down for the long haul if an EMP attack becomes a reality.



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  • An EMP attack would meet the same response as a nuke attack, and would warrant a massive response from our nuclear arsenal

  • An EMP attack by China would render all of America’s military response useless,
    yes, all of America would suddenly revert to the 1800 or earlier, the country will
    become a mob country with looting and pillaging and death to those who would
    attempt to protect themselves will be widespread and uncontrollable, people will
    be reduced o cannibalism and there will be no law and order…… even Russia
    doubts the Chinese, who pretend to be their ally, and has developed a super sonic
    missal to launce if threatened by the Chinese EMP, to attempt to shoot it down.
    Prepare, world, for the elevation to the 3rd Degree, those who live thru the destruction.
    Future civilizations will discover the remains of America and other civilizations the
    world has experienced, as we, who live now, have the world which existed before us.
    And future generations will be faced with the words:
    The Stones Will Give Up Their Secrets.

    Chinese weapons superior than US? What are you smoking?
    Just bar Chinese students from American Universities and their technology would immediately CRUMBLE!!
    America innovates-China copies everything. If they have EMT-America has EXTER- MINATE super weapons.

  • If the neutron bomb was around since Pres. Kennedy and not discussed until Pres. Reagan. One can only wonder what other types of weapons the U S possesses. The U S black budget is larger than Chinese yearly military spending.

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