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China Just Made One Move That Should Terrify the Entire Globe

China Just Made One Move That Should Terrify the Entire Globe


China unleashed the Wuhan virus on the world that has caused incalculable damage.

But China has undertaken unconscionable actions while nobody has been looking.

Now China made one move that should terrify the entire globe.

There are now over 6.2 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus worldwide and over 370,000 people have lost their lives.

China has yet to pay for their role in allowing the virus to spread.

The Chinese Communist Party sat on news of the outbreak for almost a week, and fed bogus information to a compliant World Health Organization.

However, China made one frightening move while nobody was paying attention.

Pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong had been taking place for months, but news of the fight for freedom took a backseat to the pandemic.

The CCP used this opportunity to crack down on Hong Kong even further, essentially ending their sovereignty as an autonomous city-island.

The CCP instituted a new national security law that will allow mainland China to quash secession or “terrorist” movements.

Basically, the CCP can use the new umbrella law to stamp out dissent in Hong Kong.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, “No reasonable person can assert today that Hong Kong maintains a high degree of autonomy from China, given facts on the ground.”

This move by China is yet another example of their aversion to freedom.

When the British turned over Hong Kong to China, the goal was for Hong Kong to maintain its independence, operating under the “one country, two systems” principle.

That paradigm was supposed to remain in place for 50 years and expire in 2047, but Beijing has been impatient.

It didn’t take long for Mainland China to encroach into Hong Kong, and they’ve all taken over in fewer than 25 years.

Hong Kong enjoyed great prosperity under western values of free markets and free people, but communism is an expansionist ideology, and Hong Kong’s freedom is an affront to the mainland.

The CCP exerts authoritarian control over 1.4 billion people, and they don’t want them getting any ideas about freedom.

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of China’s incursion into Hong Kong is that China is clearly not moderating like westerners thought.

The idea behind opening markets to China in the 1970s was that trade would cause them to abandon communism.

While China has loosened markets, they still have fascistic control over industry, and their human rights abuses have not abated.

The “one-child” policy only recently ended after women underwent the horrors of forced abortions and forced sterilizations for decades.

And religious groups like the Uighur Muslims have been thrown in Soviet-style gulags for “re-education.”

There are also allegations that they’ve been subjected to organ harvesting.

China has a nightmarish authoritarian government, and they’re exporting their anti-freedom values to the rest of the world.

Western companies have shown on multiple occasions that they’re willing to bend the knee to China in order to have access to their market.

But the cost of cheap goods can’t be freedom.

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