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China Just Escalated Tensions With One Stunning Announcement

China Just Escalated Tensions With One Stunning Announcement


China has quickly become America’s nemesis on the world stage.

The country has grown its influence around the globe with authoritarian tactics.

Now China has escalated tensions with one stunning announcement.

China doesn’t hide the fact it wishes to be the world’s hegemon by imposing their will on other nations around the globe.

One of their strategies is giving loans to developing nations that cannot pay them back, leaving them indebted to China.

The Chinese Communist Party has made incursions into the United States through coercion on businesses beholden to the Chinese market, as well as establishing espionage within our government and education.

Now the CCP is flexing its muscle by imposing sanctions on the United States because of diplomatic efforts on behalf of Hong Kong.

During a press briefing, Chinese Foreign Minister spokeswoman Hua Chunying announced the sanctions against key U.S. targets.

“China has decided to take action against US executive officials, congressman, non-governmental organization personnel, and their immediate family members who have performed badly on Hong Kong-related issues…At the same time, China has decided to cancel the visa-free treatment for temporary visits to Hong Kong and Macau by U.S. diplomatic passport holders,” Chunying.

This move was made not long after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called out China’s aggression against Hong Kong.

Pompeo had said in a statement:

“Beijing’s unrelenting assault against Hong Kong’s democratic processes has gutted its Legislative Council, rendering the body a rubber stamp devoid of meaningful opposition.”

Mainland China has gradually increased its stranglehold on Hong Kong since reclaiming the island from the United Kingdom in 1997.

Hong Kong enjoyed great prosperity because of its free markets and free people.

It was supposed to maintain its independence under the promise of “One country, two systems,” but Mainland China has essentially annexed Hong Kong at this point.

The CCP recently passed a security law that allows them to arrest those they consider “threats” in Hong Kong, which has chilled free speech and dissent.

Pro-freedom protesters in Hong Kong have been speaking out against the encroachments of Mainland China for months, but the new security law means the CCP can jail agitators for up to ten years in prison.

The CCP is notorious for such human rights abuses – the Uyghurs Muslims have been sent to veritable concentration camps and many corporations have benefitted off of their slave labor.

China has also engaged in a massive propaganda campaign to shift blame away from the Wuhan virus that’s rapidly spread across the globe.

And American media companies and big tech have actually helped the CCP in its disinformation efforts.

The sanctions imposed by China show that efforts to keep Hong Kong free are longshots.

It’s only a matter of time before Hong Kong is entirely under the thumb of the CCP just like the mainland.

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