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China Is Doing Something Terrifying to Cover Up the Coronavirus

China Is Doing Something Terrifying to Cover Up the Coronavirus

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The coronavirus has become a global pandemic.

The death toll for the outbreak is rising by the day.

And China is doing something terrifying to cover up the coronavirus.

The coronavirus, dubbed COVID-19 by the WHO (World Health Organization), is wreaking havoc all across Asia, and increasingly the world.

The outbreak began in Wuhan, China, but there are now over 71,000 confirmed cases and at least 1,770 deaths.

Health officials around the world are scrambling to contain COVID-19, but quarantine has been difficult because of its seemingly long incubation period, which could be anywhere from three to 24 days.

This is one of the reasons why COVID-19 has been difficult to manage, but another reason why is because of the lack of transparency from the communist Chinese government.

They’ve been cagey about everything from the origin of the outbreak to its threat level.

In fact, the Chinese government is doing something terrifying to cover up COVID-19.

Before COVID-19 spiraled out of control and the government was forced to admit its existence, Dr. Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, warned the public of the deadly respiratory virus that was infecting patients at his hospital.

Government officials took him into custody and forced him to sign a document saying he made “false statements.”

Li tragically died from COVID-19 himself, and the outbreak might’ve been better contained if the communist party of China hadn’t censored him in a feeble attempt to cover it up.

Also, Chen Qiushi, a human rights lawyer turned citizen journalist mysteriously disappeared after being heavily critical of the Chinese government on social media.

Before he vanished, Chen said in a social media post, “The department of justice called me again…Qingdao Police Station called me as well. They asked me where I was. They asked me to cooperate with their investigation.”

Chen gave his social media account passwords to family members in case he disappeared, which is precisely what happened.

Chen wasn’t even the only citizen to be spirited away.

Fang Bin, a local clothing salesman, posted a video talking about body bags he saw stacked up in a van outside of a Wuhan hospital.

“So many dead,” Fang said. “This is too many.”

This is the nightmarish level of censorship for which the Chinese government is notorious, but it’s all the more worse when a global pandemic is spreading.

The lack of transparency and tamping down of informative voices is not only alarming, but dangerous.

COVID-19 is airborne, highly contagious, and potentially has a long incubation period where carriers are completely asymptomatic.

This is a recipe for disaster, and trying to cover it up only makes the problem worse.

Fifteen cases have already been confirmed in the United States, and 44 Americans on a Japanese cruise ship were infected.

Now is the time for more information to spread, not less.

China is begrudgingly being more forthright now, but a lot of damage has already been done.

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