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China Did Something Unthinkable To Make The Coronavirus Worse

China Did Something Unthinkable To Make The Coronavirus Worse

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The Wuhan virus has become one of the worst global calamities in modern world history.

It could take years to undo the damage done by the virus.

Now we’re learning that China did something unthinkable to make the coronavirus even worse.

China has repeatedly shown they are not a benevolent actor on the world stage.

The Chinese Communist Party runs an authoritarian country with an iron fist and propaganda is one of their most powerful weapons.

China has tried to minimize their significant role in the COVID-19 pandemic, and their efforts have been effective thanks to the American corporate press trying to blame Donald Trump for the virus.

But one author just chronicled the depths to which the CCP stooped in order to shift blame and weaken the economies of their geopolitical rivals.

Michael P. Senger lays out how the CCP used Twitter bots and other forms of propaganda to push the idea of lockdowns early on during the crisis.

Fake accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers were commending China for their draconian lockdowns in the face of the pandemic.

Senger also alleges that China spread fear over the virus by faking videos of citizens collapsing unexpectedly.

“Viral videos claimed to show residents spontaneously collapsing in the streets in scenes likened to the movie ‘Zombieland’ and the show ‘The Walking Dead’. One video purportedly showed a SWAT team catching a man with a butterfly net for removing his mask. But in hindsight, this crisis theater is somewhat comical; in the infamous video, the ‘spontaneously collapsing’ man extends his arms to catch himself.”

If these details are true—and there’s strong evidence to suggest they are—then China’s role in the Wuhan virus is worse than imagined.

Upon first learning of the virus, the CCP waited six days to alert anyone so as not to ruin a grand banquet.

The country has also been opaque regarding investigations into the level-four biohazard lab from where the virus allegedly leaked.

China also hoarded medical supplies that other countries had already paid for.

While the CCP was doing this, they were promoting the idea that calling the outbreak the “Wuhan virus” was racist and xenophobic.

The entire purpose of the COVID-19 moniker was to shift blame away from China.

The CCP is very protective of its image, so online censorship is nothing new for them.

China needs to be held accountable for their extensive role in bringing so much despair to the world population.

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