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China Got Caught Red-Handed Trying To Attack America

China Got Caught Red-Handed Trying To Attack America

China Xi Jinping

China is becoming a greater threat every day.

The authoritarian state is engaging in nefarious actions across the globe and putting people’s lives in jeopardy.

Now China got caught red-handed trying to attack America.

The Wuhan virus has been devastating.

Over 630,000 people have died worldwide in large part due to the incompetence and deception at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.

The CCP knew the virus was killing people in Wuhan province, but sat on the information for a full six days.

China also lied to the World Health Organization—who’s in their pocket—and said the virus does not spread through human interaction.

That lie had devastating consequences for health officials across the globe.

Now China is attempting to steal vaccine research after creating the pandemic blunder in the first place.

The Department of Justice announced that charges were being filed against two state-sponsored Chinese hackers who attempted to steal research from labs and organizations.

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse addressed the issue and criticized CCP leader Xi Jinping:

“This indictment reveals yet again that Chairman Xi leads an army of hackers that steal and attempt to steal — every single day, in almost every country and industry. Indictments like this are an important way to focus attention on an urgent problem, but we need to be using more of the tools at our disposal to fight back against this communist aggression.”

China’s aggressive expansion around the globe is starting to come onto more people’s radars.

China has benefited greatly through wildly unbalanced trade deals and intellectual property theft.

Several Chinese spies operating in the United States and other countries have been caught stealing research and other sensitive materials.

Worse yet, China’s complicity in the spread of the Wuhan virus has largely been ignored by the mainstream media.

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Instead, they’ve repeatedly carried water for the CCP in their disinformation campaign.

FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich released a blistering statement about China’s actions:

“Cybercrimes directed by the Chinese government’s intelligence services not only threaten the United States but also every other country that supports fair play, international norms, and the rule of law, and it also seriously undermines China’s desire to become a respected leader in world affairs. The FBI and our international partners will not stand idly by to this threat, and we are committed to holding the Chinese government accountable.”

The days of China operating in the shadows are over.

Their exploitation of the coronavirus led to several countries not getting proper equipment, which cost lives. China has also blocked any investigation into the Wuhan lab where the outbreak may have originated.

Donald Trump has been warning about the threat China poses, and people are finally waking up to the message.

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