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How A Catastrophic Cyberattack Could Hit The U.S.

How A Catastrophic Cyberattack Could Hit The U.S.

Cyber Attack

The internet is not secure.

And there are many bad actors out there that wish to do harm.

Here’s how a devastating cyberattack would hit the United States hard.

As the world gets more reliant upon technology, the more invaluable tech security becomes.

So much of our private data is floating out there in the ether and we rely on companies and government agencies to protect it.

However, several high-profile data breaches have shown that complete security is a myth.

The credit agency Equifax recently had to pay damages after experiencing a data breach.

The movie studio Sony had many sensitive emails from high-level executives exposed by hackers – potentially state-sponsored North Korean hackers – which led to embarrassing resignations and firings.

And the DNC had many embarrassing emails that detailed their corruption spill out into the open.

While these breaches are alarming, cyberattacks could be much worse.

Recently, a nuclear power plant near Los Angeles was breached by hackers.

They didn’t gain control of the facility, but the fact they were able to breach the firewalls is a clear shot across the bow that malevolent hackers can cause widespread panic.

Also, U.S. drones could potentially be hacked.

Many drones are manufactured in China – our biggest geopolitical adversary.

There’s concern among tech experts that the Chinese could be implanting spyware in the drones.

It certainly wouldn’t be out of step for the communist Chinese government.

They already spy on their own citizens on a massive scale and steal intellectual property from American companies.

Despite complaints to the World Trade Organization, China marches on with their aggressive tactics.

They’ve also supposedly been working on an EMP that could cripple our nation.

If movie studios, politicians at the highest level, and power plants can be hacked, it’s not a stretch to believe that the power grid is susceptible.

The power grid is in dire need of a security upgrade because it’s arguably the most essential target in the country, right up there with the water supply.

If the power goes out in a region for an extended amount of time, utter chaos would ensue and many people would die.

And since these giant institutions are vulnerable, that means individuals are vulnerable too.

Your banking information could be at risk from highly-skilled hackers with bad intentions.

Unplugging entirely from the internet is impossible, but it’s prudent to limit the amount of information you share.

The more information that’s floating in cyberspace, the more vulnerable you are.

Also, it’s freeing not to be completely reliant upon computers and the internet for your survival.

The internet has been a mainstream phenomenon for fewer than 30 years, and we’ve already surrendered our lives to it.

Survivalists have an opportunity to take back some of that autonomy by learning to live off the grid.

It’s a great idea to see if you can survive for a week or two entirely off the grid.

Plus it’s a great way to unplug and unclutter your mind – and good preparation for any potential crisis.

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