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One Candidate Said Something About Guns That Could Spark a Civil War

One Candidate Said Something About Guns That Could Spark a Civil War

The Democrat Party has gone fully insane.

All of the candidates running for president in 2020 have embraced wild policies outside of the mainstream.

But one candidate made a statement about guns that will send a chill down your spine.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, and all of the prominent Democrats have it.

Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton has triggered the Democrats until revealing themselves as the authoritarians that conservatives always knew they were.

And that open-armed embrace of craziness could have major ramifications for gun rights advocates.

California Senator Kamala Harris made one of the most un-American statements possible during a town hall.

Harris said that if she were elected president, she would change existing gun laws by “executive action.”

Harris said she would require universal background checks and require anyone who sells more than five guns in a calendar to register as a firearms dealer.

This is insane.

Yet again, Democrats fail to realize that laws like this only punish law-abiding citizens.

Criminals will still be able to get guns.

All Harris will do is tie up legal gun owners and enthusiasts into more bureaucratic red tape.

These laws don’t make anyone safer.

In fact, they do the opposite.

There’s a high correlation between heavy gun control and high gun crime.

But worse, Harris’s idea of using executive action to enact gun laws should concern every survivalist.

This could open the door to some increasingly unconstitutional restrictions on the Second Amendment.

Next, on the gun grabber wish list would be a national gun registry.

Again, this is another useless law that doesn’t make anyone safe.

The only type of criminal who would leave behind a gun at a crime scene (so that it could be checked against a registry) doesn’t care about getting caught.

All a gun registry would do is put law-abiding citizens in the government’s crosshairs.

The bad control laws imposed by government fiat would surely continue under the reign of Harris or any of the equally radical Democrats.

If the Democrats overreach and legitimately try to unwind the Second Amendment, they will have another Civil War on their hands.

Gun owners know the history of gun control.

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They know what it means when the government begins rounding up all the guns.

It never leads anywhere good.

Suddenly you don’t have the means to protect your family from criminals, but also from the predation of an ever-expanding state.

Once the state takes your guns, they’ll soon come for your speech.

In the United Kingdom, citizens have been disarmed for years, and it hasn’t made the residents any safer.

Recently, London surpassed New York in murders for the first time.

And today, British citizens are being arrested for “offensive” tweets and YouTube videos.

This is madness, and it has no place in America.

If you’re serious about survivalism, stock up while the getting is good, and defeat these gun grabbers at the ballot box.

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