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Can What You Can Learn From a Good Old Boy Save Your Life?

Can What You Can Learn From a Good Old Boy Save Your Life?

When you think of a “good old boy” (or “good ole’ boy”), maybe you have flashbacks to the theme song from the “Dukes of Hazzard.” Maybe you think about rednecks and what you assume to be their political beliefs, or maybe you think of the movie “Deliverance.” And, in probably all of those cases (with, maybe, the exception of their generally conservative leaning political beliefs), you’d be wrong. They aren’t backward and ridiculous like the “Dukes of Hazzard,” and they aren’t twisted like “Deliverance.”

No, my experience with good old boys, whether you call them that, country boys, or rednecks, is that they are simply good, honest people who live in rural areas. Because of their knowledge of living off the land, you can learn a few things from them that can help you when it comes to surviving in a a disaster situation or a societal collapse.

With that in mind, here are some ideas from a good old boy, shared by a writer over at that may be of help to you.

The first idea is to get a good pocket knife. If you haven’t had a pocket knife, then you may not have thought about in how many difference situations a pocket knife is useful. Whittling a branch to make a bow. Opening a package. Basic self-defense. A knife has a multitude of uses.

The second tip is to buy land. The practical reason for this in a non-disaster situation is so that you have something of value that is your own if you’re not paying rent. The reason that you want your own land in a survival situation is because you need a place that you can bug out to that is your own and not someone else’s.

The third idea is to become self-sufficient for your own food as much as possible. This means having a food garden (as opposed to a pretty flower garden) and being able to store your food. So, you may want a root cellar, and you may want to learn canning techniques. This also means being self-sufficient in your water supply and, maybe, being able to store water for an emergency situation.

Another idea is to “stock up on bullets.” Why? Well, frankly, finding firearms in a disaster situation will be easier to do than to find ammo for those firearms when factories aren’t running. Better to have a stockpile on hand.

So, there you have it: four ideas from a good old boy that just may save your life in a survival situation.

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