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Build Your Own Takedown Bow For $10

Build Your Own Takedown Bow For $10

Bows have a special place in the hearts of many preppers because of their ability to be used for silent hunting which is, of course, handy for eating in a crisis situation.

Takedown bows are especially useful for a survival situation because of their design which allows the removal of sections of the bow itself.  This feature provides the ability to replace sections of the bow, if necessary, without having to build a completely new bow, and also because of the possibility of taking the box apart for easy storage or carrying.

When you have a projectile weapon that is easy to transport, it’s easier to keep it handy and on your person when you need to bug out.

In the video below, you’ll see the basics of how to build your own takedown bow for $10 or less. It may not be as pretty as other bows that you’ve seen, but it is functional and inexpensive.

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