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Border Patrol Caught Someone That Should Concern All Americans

Border Patrol Caught Someone That Should Concern All Americans

Border Patrol

Illegal immigration continues to be a serious problem for the United States.

Donald Trump is still pushing for more border walls to aid in U.S. border security.

And border patrol caught someone that should concern all Americans.

Unfettered illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America remains a problem.

The number of illegal crossings has been down in recent months, much to the consternation of open borders advocates.

Recently, U.S. Border Patrol apprehended and deported two dangerous illegal aliens attempting to cross into the country from Mexico.

One had previously been charged with assault and battery in the United States, and the other was a member of the violent gang Los Sureños.

These two apprehensions, particularly one of the Los Sureños member, is a concern for Americans.

First, it blows up the narrative that the only people illegally crossing the border are people in search of a better life.

There’s a process for entering the country legally.

Also, the arrests show how criminal gangs and cartels are encroaching on the southern border.

The cartel has grown in power and turned parts of Mexico into a literal war zone.

Nine American members of a Mormon community in Mexico were brutally killed by the cartel in an ambush on the road.

And the Sinaloa cartel, arguably the most powerful cartel in Mexico, waged war on Mexican authorities after the arrest of Ovidio Guzman, son of cartel boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

The cartel essentially declared war on the city of Culiacan until the Mexican military feebly released Guzman.

When the army literally stands down and releases a kingpin’s son, it’s a sign that the country is flirting with failed state status.

While some parts of the Mexican economy are doing well, the criminality of the cartels is a serious problem that’s gradually creeping north.

There’s big business in illegal immigration to the United States.

Cartels, coyotes, and open borders NGOs are all pushing to bring more people into the United States illegally.

Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim loves illegal immigration into the United States because people send back money to their families and use his wire services.

They also call him, which puts more money in his pocket.

It’s an assault on the rule of law.

The political left in America used to oppose illegal immigration because it put downward pressure on wages and diminished union power.

However, the Democrats have moved so far left, they now want illegal immigration at the expense of Americans so they can build up their voting base.

First-time immigrant voters vote for Democrats over 80% of the time.

The number doesn’t get a chance to even out because there’s always another wave of people coming in who aren’t being properly assimilated.

The two issues the American people are consistently against are illegal immigration and regime-change wars, yet they always get both.

If the crisis on the border escalates, Americans could get more of the same.

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