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A New Report Shows The Border Emergency Is Worse Than Expected

A New Report Shows The Border Emergency Is Worse Than Expected

African Migrants

The crisis at the border has gotten out of hand.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have only made the problem worse.

And a new report suggests that the emergency on the border goes deeper than anyone expected.

Donald Trump warned the American people that there was a crisis at the Southern border.

Waves of illegal aliens have been flooding into the country, overwhelming ICE and CBP, and the asylum courts.

However, Democrats scoffed at Trump’s assertions.

All they did was obstruct any of his measures to fix the problem.

Not only do Democrats want the problem unsolved, they want to accelerate it.

Radicals like former DNC bigwig Keith Ellison and so-called moderates like Joe Biden aren’t interested in protecting our borders.

Ellison wore a shirt that read, “I don’t believe in borders,” in Spanish.

Biden recently said he has no respect for our borders.

But the problem runs much deeper.

People are aware of the illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America coming toward the border.

However, now more African illegal aliens are mysteriously showing up at the Southern border.

According to CBP, they’ve arrested over 1,000 African migrants within two months.

And that’s just one sector of the border.

Many more are very likely flowing in.

The fact that Africans are either flying or taking ships to get to the Americas – knowing they can enter at the Southern border and falsely claim asylum – proves that our immigration system is broken.

Asylum was supposed to be for very specific reasons.

If you’re bypassing multiple safe countries to land in the United States, you are patently violating the notion of asylum.

This is one of the reasons why the overwhelming majority of asylum cases are denied.

But the Democrats and left-affiliated groups are actively pushing for more migrants to come.

NGOs have been caught aiding the heavily-funded and organized caravan movements.

The left wants to overwhelm our immigration system and openly admit as such.

All of the Democrats running for President in 2020 said they would decriminalize border crossings and provide health care to anyone who comes to the United States.

It’s madness to believe that the U.S. can treat the entire world’s sick, but this is where the Democrats are.

They’re having trouble convincing American citizens to buy into socialism, so they’ve resorted to importing new voters.

Not to mention that an auxiliary threat of African migrants brings the possibility of an Ebola epidemic.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is currently suffering from an Ebola crisis and people from the DRC and neighboring countries are among the African migrants showing up on the Southern border.

Border enforcement is not equipped to deal with potential infectious disease, especially when they’re thoroughly overwhelmed and underfunded thanks to the Democrats.

The Democrats need to get serious about resolving the emergency on the border.

More and more Americans are beginning to see just how unhinged the left has become on this issue.

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