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A Border Crisis Just Got Worse With One Act

A Border Crisis Just Got Worse With One Act


The U.S. faces many daunting challenges as a nation.

One of the major issues is the country’s borders.

And one border crisis just got worse with one act.

For years, the “catch and release” policy undermined U.S. immigration law in a significant way.

If immigrants came to the border seeking asylum, they would be released into the country while they awaited their court date – but almost none would appear in court because over 90% of asylum claims are bogus.

This was an obvious loophole that the Trump administration recently tried to close.

However, another issue affecting immigration is refugee resettlement.

The United States is the most generous country in the world when it comes to legal immigration and refugee acceptance.

The U.S. also assimilates immigrants better than anywhere else in the world because Americanism is an idea.

However, refugee resettlement is being exploited by those who profiteer from the big business of immigration.

Several governors are pushing for more refugees because they rake in federal dollars the more people they take.

However, the problem with this is the speed and frequency of people coming into communities that aren’t equipped to handle thousands and thousands of people at a time.

Another problem is that many of the same people pushing for mass immigration and increased refugee resettlement are the same people who preach about how terrible America is.

This is an awful message to send to people coming into the country.

Many radical leftists are even telling immigrants and refugees from Mexico, Central America, the Middle East, and Sub-Saharan Africa not to assimilate to American culture.

This creates cities with segregated enclaves where many people are living as if they were in their home country.

That is not good for the long-term health of a country.

A handful of European countries are experiencing this problem right now.

Sweden actually has placed “no-go” zones where police and civil servants rarely venture because the people are hostile to “outsiders.”

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While catch-and-release has been ended for now—the next Democrat president will undoubtedly revert back to the old policy—a similar problem exists because of sanctuary city, county, and state policies.

Leftist politicians across the country are actively inviting illegal aliens into their jurisdictions and being hostile to ICE agents doing their job in apprehending criminals, i.e. illegal aliens with pending charges separate from illegal entry into the country.

These problems have contributed to a state of lawlessness on the southern border.

CBP recently seized nearly $1 million worth of drugs from smugglers trying to bring it across the border.

And the vast majority of opioids killing Americans are being smuggled in from Mexico and China.

There’s also the health risk of thousands of unvetted people flowing into the country.

And while these problems persist, there are many people within the immigration lobby that want it that way. In fact, they actively want it to get worse.

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