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The Border Crisis Got Worse After A Shocking Attack

The Border Crisis Got Worse After A Shocking Attack

Border Crisis

The Wuhan coronavirus is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

But America is still facing other critical domestic issues.

And the border crisis got worse after one shocking attack.

The entire world is in the throes of a global pandemic that has killed at least 88,000 in the span of a few months.

One consequence of the outbreak is that many countries around the world are seriously rethinking globalism.

Countries that once wagged their finger at restrictionist immigration policies are now locking down their borders to prevent the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.

But open-borders advocates and others engaged in profiteering from illegal immigration in the United States are still hard at work.

Recently, border patrol agents stopped two trucks full of illegal aliens from sneaking into the country.

The smugglers were driving pickup trucks and posed as border wall construction workers.

The trucks had logos that read “SWC Southwest Valley Constructors,” which is the name of the company contracted to build barriers in the Tucson sector of the border.

This is just the latest example of the creative methods employed by smugglers and coyotes to cross into the United States.

A high-speed chase ensued and one of the vehicles rammed into a border agent’s vehicle.

At the end of the chase, the smugglers brazenly opened fire on border agents.

In their two trucks, the smugglers were carrying 19 illegal aliens.

This escalation in the border crisis shows that there’s still money to be made in undermining America’s sovereignty.

Globalists and hardcore open-borders advocates have expressed dismay in countries entrenching their beliefs in a strong nation state.

Leftist billionaire George Soros once wrote that national sovereignty was an obstacle to his goal of one-world government.

Defending the border has been a constant struggle because so many special interests benefit from open-borders policies.

Leftist politicians get to import future voters and the donor class gets cheap labor.

There was also a report that remittances into Mexico are on the decline because of the virus-induced economic shutdown.

Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim has made billions in payments and phone calls from illegal aliens sending money and communicating with their families.

There are also organizations within the United States that receive federal funds for refugee resettlement.

Also, tech companies have been abusing the visa program in order to control label costs.

The open borders project is multi-pronged, and battles are being fought on multiple fronts.

The problem of illegal immigration is a major one, and the intensity comes and goes in waves.

With the globalist agenda probably in more jeopardy than it’s faced in decades, it would not be surprising to see smugglers become bolder in their attempts to shuffle people into the United States.

The coronavirus may be the most pressing issue for most people, but open-borders advocates haven’t taken their eye off the ball.

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