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The Border Crisis Just Got Worse After One Insane Statement

The Border Crisis Just Got Worse After One Insane Statement

Border Crisis

Illegal immigration has been a significant issue for the United States.

Donald Trump is fighting to address the problem, but has been met with harsh resistance.

And the border crisis just got worse after one insane statement.

Democrats have gone completely insane on a number of issues, with illegal immigration near the top of the list.

Democrats were once hawks on immigration because they knew it depressed wages for American workers and ultimately undercut the labor unions.

In 1995, Bill Clinton gave a State of the Union Address that was incredibly hawkish on immigration and received a standing ovation.

Even far-left senators like California’s Dianne Feinstein were once border hawks.

Bernie Sanders in 2015 referred to open borders as a “Koch brothers proposal,” and top Democrat Keith Ellison once wore a shirt that read “I don’t believe in borders” in Spanish.

But now nearly the entire left is militating behind open borders.

Democrats realize that unfettered illegal immigration helps grow their voting base and thus increases their representation in the House.

In light of this hard shift, one recent statement made by Georgetown University’s Associate Director for Undocumented Students doesn’t come as a surprise, but is troubling nonetheless.

Jennifer Crewalk, the new associate director, described illegal aliens as “freedom fighters.”

This incredibly dangerous language only adds fuel to the left’s unhinged revolutionary fire.

First, the term “undocumented” is nothing but a politically correct euphemism used to describe immigrants coming here illegally.

Second, it’s ridiculous that universities are making special considerations for noncitizens.

Third, calling illegal aliens “freedom fighters” feeds into the deranged leftist mindset that border enforcement is evil.

Several high-profile Democrats have referred to ICE detention facilities as “concentration camps.”

One crazy Antifa terrorist even tried to firebomb an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington because he wanted to “liberate” the illegal immigrants detained there.

Several other ICE offices have been protested, vandalized, and even fired at.

People attempting to live in the United States illegally are not freedom fighters—they’re breaking the law and it’s the job of border enforcement to stop them.

If Democrats want to fix the broken immigration system, they’re not showing it.

They refuse to get anything done in Congress that doesn’t include total amnesty for the 20+ million illegal aliens in the country.

Even if Republicans were foolish enough to accept such an offer, it would not be the last amnesty proposal.

A 1986 amnesty bill was supposed to be the last of its kind, but that’s never how it works.

Unless the United States gets serious about border security, problems will continue to arise.

Asylum courts are flooded with bogus claims, the trek from Mexico and Central America is brutal, and one study shows that nearly one in three females are sexually assaulted along the way.

The entire enterprise of illegal immigration is a public health catastrophe, and sending false signals that those trying to enter our country illegally are “freedom fighters” doesn’t help.

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