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The Border Crisis Got Worse Because of One Daring Tactic

The Border Crisis Got Worse Because of One Daring Tactic

Border Crisis

The southern border is a serious concern for American citizens.

Border security is one of the core issues that voters cared about in the 2016 election.

And the border crisis just got worse because of one daring tactic.

Illegal immigration from Mexico and South and Central America continues to be a huge problem.

The immigration system has been broken for decades.

In 1986, Ronald Reagan signed an amnesty bill that was supposed to be the last of its kind, but Democrats are pushing for yet more amnesty for the tens of millions of illegal aliens in the country.

So-called experts have sworn for years that the number of illegal aliens in the country has remained at 10-11 million, but a recent study conducted at Yale puts the number above 20 million.

Some analysts believe the number is actually closer to 30 million.

That means nearly 10% of the U.S. population is comprised of people who have no legal status in the country.

This is not healthy for a society.

Immigration needs to be handled at a pace where people can be properly assimilated into the country, which is what happened in decades prior when there was actually a moratorium on immigration because the country didn’t need more laborers at the time.

However, legal and illegal immigration has turned into big business, and a lot of different elements want a piece of the pie.

For this reason, illegal immigration is actually encouraged by politicians and organizations backed by globalist dollars.

As a result, border officials just caught illegal aliens using a daring tactic to sneak into the country.

Three Mexican citizens were caught trying to sneak into the country via train.

According to a report from U.S. Customs and Border Protection:

“CBP officers located the undocumented aliens/stowaways attempting to enter the United States hiding inside a railcar. No injuries were reported during the apprehension. Two of the aliens were found to be prior deports and one had a prior assault charge.”

Under the Trump administration, the number of illegal border crossers is down, but as this arrest shows, it’s still a problem.

People are attempting to sneak into the country on trains partly because of the incentive structure laid out by open borders politicians and globalist NGOs.

Minnesota Attorney General and contender for Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Keith Ellison once wore a shirt that said “I don’t believe in borders” in Spanish.

Signals like that tell illegal aliens they should come to the country by any means necessary.

Other Democrat politicians want the immigration system to remain broken because it benefits them.

Democrats get to import new voters, and the increased illegal alien population still gives blue areas more representation due to citizenship not factoring into the census.

Even far leftists like Bernie Sanders, who’s a life-long communist, had previously been hawkish on border security because of the strain on resources, but the new left position on immigration is everybody comes in and immediately gets healthcare and voting rights.

If that happens, the globalists who want to control everything win.

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