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The Border Crisis Is Giving Rise To One Serious Threat

The Border Crisis Is Giving Rise To One Serious Threat

Border Crisis

The emergency at the border rages on and Democrats won’t lift a finger.

Instead, they just blame Donald Trump.

But the Democrats’ actions are giving rise to one very serious threat.

Trump has been warning the American people that the crisis on the Southern border is very real.

However, Democrats ignored his warning and mocked him.

In only a few short months, the Democrats have gone from zero to Nazi in their overheated rhetoric.

The Democrat talking point has become that ICE detention facilities are akin to Nazi concentration camps.

When people called them out for the disgusting commentary, they doubled down.

An Antifa terrorist attacked an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington and left behind a manifesto that mirrored the Democrats’ same outlandish rhetoric.

The left wouldn’t even condemn the violent act.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s another threat looming as a result of the border surge.

There’s been an uptick in infectious disease and the border crisis will only exacerbate the problem.

ICE and CBP have been overwhelmed at the border by the sheer number of illegal aliens flowing in.

ICE has had to quarantine thousands of illegal aliens due to infectious diseases such as mumps and measles.

With Democrats refusing to open up funding for ICE and CBP, there aren’t enough resources to care for the mass influx of people.

Democrats would prefer illegal aliens be released into the country, effectively advocating for open borders.

That very well could trigger a serious public health crisis.

Due to foolish policies, several west-coast homeless enclaves have already seen a rise in illnesses that had essentially been eradicated in the United States such as typhus and the bubonic plague.

Huge waves of people who haven’t been properly vetted or medically attended will only make the problem worse.

Also, there’s been a curious spike in African migrants arriving at the Southern border and being directed to towns in Texas and as far as Maine.

These illegal aliens traversed multiple countries, which should immediately invalidate their asylum claim.

Asylum claims are only supposed to be considered legitimate if a person goes to the first nation determined to be safe.

Some of the African migrants are leaving Ebola hot zones like the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Without proper border facilities and resources, there’s no way all of these illegal aliens from Mexico, Central America, and Africa can be properly screened.

This is a credible danger that the left won’t acknowledge.

They were slow to come to grips with the overcrowding problem at the border.

The American people may not be able to afford their feet-dragging a second time.

That’s why you may need to take it upon yourself to safeguard against the spread of a pandemic.

Have a healthy stock of first-aid supplies and mechanisms in place to keep your home sanitary and insulated from the spread of disease.

It’s incumbent on survivalists to pick up the slack where governments fail.

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