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The Border Crisis Is About to Get Much Worse After One Move

The Border Crisis Is About to Get Much Worse After One Move

Border Crisis

Tensions at the southern border continue to simmer.

Law enforcement officials are facing challenges on a daily basis.

And the border crisis is about to get much worse after one move.

Yet another migrant caravan from Central America is traveling north through Mexico.

According to reports, over 800 migrants from Guatemala formed a caravan hurtling toward the U.S. border.

There have been several caravans teeming with thousands of people traveling north to get to the United States.

The entire caravan process is heavily funded by globalists and socialist governments intent on making trouble for the United States.

Leftist billionaires like George Soros are funding NGOs that organize the caravans and supply them with transportation, water, and other services.

This has been uncovered by journalists who have been embedded in the caravans.

One of the previous caravans was allegedly funded by Venezuela and other socialist governments in South and Central America as a salvo against the United States.

The idea is to create a media circus at the border and overwhelm the U.S. immigration system.

And they know Democrats will dutifully go along with their agenda because they get to import new voters.

However, the Trump administration has been vigilant about addressing the issue.

As a result of economic deal-making with the government of Mexico, Mexican authorities have agreed to assist the United States in policing the border on the southern side more diligently.

This latest caravan was stopped by authorities in Mexico, as have other caravans.

The Mexican government has also agreed to house some asylum seekers in Mexico while they await their court date.

This is a big departure from the old policy of “catch and release,” which was ended by the Trump administration months ago.

Mexico and a handful of countries in Central America have even agreed to grant refugee status to some asylum seekers from Central America.

According to the Geneva Convention, asylum seekers are supposed to apply for asylum in the first safe country they encounter, but nearly all of the migrants in previous caravans have bypassed multiple countries in order to get to the United States.

While these developments are encouraging, border security still remains a serious issue.

The caravans will not stop coming because the globalists are set on furthering their open borders agenda.

Also, illegal aliens and other people involved in the illegal immigration enterprise are using other methods to smuggle people and contraband into the country.

These are the reasons why Donald Trump has called for a wall.

It can serve as both a deterrent and a stratagem to funnel traffic toward fortified areas.

Without proper border security, the issues revolving around illegal immigration won’t go away.

It’s made worse by politicians who either want the cheap labor or the new voting bloc pouring into the country.

Very few politicians are interested in fixing the problem with legislation despite the fact the American people keep voting for it.

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